Miss Kelly is our curriculum leader for History. 

Year 1 (Potter Class) 

How have toys changed over time?

Who was Christopher Columbus?

Who was Neil Armstrong? 

What are the similarities and differences between the two famous explorers? 

Year 2 (Carroll Class) 

 How did people used to live? What can we learn about castle life?

What caused the great fire of London? How did it stop?

How was going to the seaside different for our Grandparents than it was for us?

Year 3 (Dahl Class)

What are the main changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?

Who were the Ancient Egyptians and what are they most known for? 

Year 4 (Lewis Class)

Who were the fascinating Greeks?

How have the Romans impacted on society today?

Year 5 (Shakespeare Class)

What led to the downfall of the great Aztec society?

Were the Vikings pirate raiders?

Year 6 (Tolkien Class)

How has Victorian society impacted life today?

What was life like during World War Two on the home front?


Enrichment opportunities for history include  residential visits to Llandudno, France and Belgium, day visits to  a range of Museums, Beeston Castle. and Roman Chester.  Outdoor learning and living history days in school. We also welcome speakers to tell us about their experiences and often share historical artefacts from home.