Frodsham Manor House hold the REQM Gold for our fantastic work in RE and Mrs Anstice is a Specialist Leader in Education, Advisor for Cheshire West Schools, a regional consultant for an RE charity called Culham St Gabriel's and is a member of the NATRE Exec. She regularly speaks at national conferences and leads workshops. Our RE Ambassadors sometimes help with sessions in other schools. Scroll below to see some slide shows of RE lessons in different classes.

Our RE lessons are based on a big question each half term.  The curriculum is designed to meet the content requirements of the local agreed syllabus with a set amount of time for each religion studied. We currently learn about Christianity and Judaism in Key Stage One, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and Judaism in Key Stage Two.  We are also introduced to Humanism as a non-religious world view with sessions in both key stages. We may also consider different religions alongside global learning and interfaith projects. 


Foundation Stage (Milne Class) 

Why do we bring gifts for others at Harvest? Why do we have a nativity play?

What different jobs happen inside a church? Why is Easter a special time for Christians?

Why is my special place, special? What special events happen in a church?

Year 1 (Potter Class) 

What does it mean to belong? Why is Christmas important to Christians?

What do we think about how the world was made and how we look after it? Who was Jesus and why is he important to Christians today?

How did Jesus teach people through stories? What happens inside a church?

Year 2 (Carroll Class) 

How is the family and home life important for Jews? Why is the Bible a special book for Christians?

How are stories in the Torah important to Jews today? Why did Jesus die, what happened at Easter and how is it important to Christians today?

What can we learn about religion by using our imagination and a journey on a magic plane? How are life events special to believers?

Year 3 (Dahl Class)

How do Hindus view God and why is Diwali celebrated? Why do Christians think about incarnation at Christmas?

What do I think about Jesus and how is he viewed around the world? How do Christians use the Bible to help them with their lives?

What is my point of view about God and why do people have faith? What do Muslims believe about Allah and Angels?

Year 4 (Lewis Class)

What beliefs are important to Jews? What is the covenant? How do Jews worship and what happens in a synagogue?

How did Jesus teach about God and values through parables? How can I understand different Easter concepts? 

How do Hindus worship? How is Muhammad (pbuh) and the Qur’an important to Muslims?


Year 5 (Shakespeare Class)

How do Muslims show belief through daily life and the Five Pillars?  What significance do events have for a Muslim?

Why are community and equality important to Sikhs? Which concepts do we find hard to understand in Christianity?

How is the Old Testament structured and why is it important for Christians today? (Bible Explorer) How do Christians show their beliefs in action?

Year 6 (Tolkien Class)

What does it mean to live in a religiously diverse world? How and why do people worship? What are the benefits for believers? What is Humanism?

How do Muslims view the role of the Mosque  and Sikhs view the role of the Gurdwara in the community? What concepts and values are important to a Muslim?

Pupil designed challenge unit  What can we learn about the range of Christian views from a Christian building?


Additional opportunities for RE include visits to local places of worship, Chester Cathedral, Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool Synagogue and St Paul's Cathedral. We take part in the Christmas and Easter Journeys with Frodsham Churches Together, have a series of lessons on Bible Explorer with a visitor, work with Imran Kotwal from Muslim Learner Services annually and Prayjoti. We take part in RE workshops with other schools and work with Cheshire Inter Faith Network for our multi-faith week.  We often have teachers from other schools who come to see our work in RE and how we do our lessons. 


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