Frodsham Manor House hold the REQM Gold for our fantastic work in RE and Mrs Anstice is a Specialist Leader for Cheshire West Schools, a regional consultant for an RE charity called Culham St Gabriel's and is a member of the NATRE Exec. Scroll below to see some slide shows of RE lessons in different classes.

Year Autumn Spring Summer

Christianity -Belonging

Christianity - Christmas

Christianity - God as creator

Christianity - Beliefs about Jesus

Christianity - Stories Jesus told

Christianity - Visit to a church


Judaism - Family and values

Christianity - The Bible

Judaism - Belief through stories

Christianity - Easter

Generic - The Magic Plane

Generic - Life Events


Hinduism - God and Diwali

Christianity - Incarnation

Christianity - Jesus

Christianity - The Bible

Generic - God and Faith

Islam - Allah and Angels


Judaism - Key beliefs

Judaism - Worship

Christianity - Parables

Christianity - Easter

Hinduism - Worship

Islam - Muhammad (pbuh) and Qu'ran


Islam - Five Pillars

Islam - Special Events

Sikhism - Key Beliefs

Christianity - Tricky Concepts

Christianity - Old Testament

Christianity - Belief in action today


Generic - Worship

Islam - Worship and Mosque

Islam - Concepts and values (2016)

Islam - Special Events (2015)



Sikhism - Gurdwara and Holy Days

Christianity - Learning from buildings

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Year Six have made a film tour of our local parish church, St Laurence's.


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Year 6

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Year 4

RE regional conferences

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