Mrs McGrath is our curriculum leader for science.  We are currently working towards our Science Quality Mark. 


Year 1 (Potter Class) 

What are the seasons and how do they change? (Ongoing throughout the year)

What is a material and what uses do they have?

Can you make a plant identification kit?

How can we identify and classify animals in different ways? 

Year 2 (Carroll Class) 

 Which materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching? What are the basic needs of animals,, including humans for survival?

Are all habitats the same? How do animals adapt to their habitats?

What do plants need to grow and stay healthy?

Year 3 (Dahl Class)

What are the differences between sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks? What are the differences between artificial and natural light?

Are all metals magnetic? Can you set up a simple experiment using different magnets?

Can you group animals based on their skeletons? What do plants need in order to survive? 

Year 4 (Lewis Class)

How can changes to the environment impact on the things that live there? How are the bodies of animals (including humans) adapted to suit their diet?

How are solids, liquids and gases different? What is needed to complete an electrical circuit?

How can we make different sounds? how does sound travel?


Year 5 (Shakespeare Class)

How do the properties of materials determine how they are used?

How are the lifecycles of different animals different? How do humans change as we get older?

How do forces affect life on Earth? How has our understanding of space changed over time?

Year 6 (Tolkien Class)

How does altering components effect the flow of electricity? How does light travel?

How have animals adapted and evolved? How can we keep our bodies healthy?

How and why are living things classified?


Additional opportunities in science include visits to Space Port, Daresbury Science Labs and Chester Zoo. We often have visitors for science who help with our skills and investigations. Once a year we have a whole school science week based on a theme and have looked at Space, Where my wellies take me, Animals and Habitats and crime scene forensic science.