Mary Poppins

A Frodsham Manor House Production

30th June, 1st July and 2nd July 2015

School Hall


This our summer production was Mary Poppins and involved all children in Key Stage Two. Children in Years Five and Six played the main parts with Year Four as the Chimney Sweeps and Year Three as the Jolly Holiday Animals. Miss Hall had a team of Year Sixes working on props back stage, whilst Mr Sproston learnt how to control our new sound system with Miss Smith working out our new high tech lighting rig. The new systems have been partly paid for by the PTA. Many thanks to all of our parents who provided fantastic costumes. We have had many positive comments, see below some of the best wishes and reviews from Twitter. You can also watch a clip of highlights from the final performance recorded by Mr Anstice. Well done everyone from Mr Devereux-Roberts and Mrs Anstice.

Feed The Birds - Tweets

Sarah really looking forward to watching Mary Poppins!!

Donna Good luck everyone for the next 3 nights, you'll all be Poppintastic!!!! Can't waitx

TheatreintheQuarter ‏@FrodManor looks wonderful. Feed the birds xx

Liverpool Empire "Break a Leg" Frodsham Manor House!

Jeff looking forward to seeing the show! Everyone will be awesome. I once knew a man with a wooden leg named Smith.... !

Zoe was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Mary Poppins dress rehearsal today. Absolutely wonderful, congratulations to you all.

Naomi stage all set - looking forward to tonight's performance

Louise Feeling uplifted after a fabulous rendition of 'let's go fly a kite'. Brilliant job

bottod Fantastic show... Well done everyone x

Sarah  just got back from an amazing production of Mary Poppins at FMH!!! A big fat shiny 5 stars. Tom's last before High School!!

Stu Amazing performance by the kids well done to all involved. Hard work put in by all. Teachers and kids. WELL DONE...

John 10 years of watching school productions...and this one is the best yet. .well done all


Naomi great show

Jeff Another outstanding summer production this evening. My sons last! Everyone superb given the temp!

Elizabeth practically perfect performance of Mary Poppins - well done all

Paws and Claws what a great show last night, well done to all the children who were fantastic  good luck for tonight x

Kath Amazing performance of Mary Poppins well done to everyone!!

Sonja a great show once again. Well done everyone!  Thank you to all the staff who helped to give Megan the confidence to stand up and sing on her own

Holty Amazing performances of Mary Poppins this week.Thanks to wonderful staff and pupils

Mrslittle Brilliant production as always @FrodManor #MaryPoppins #HappyKids

Donna @FrodManor There's only one word for it -Supercalafragiliciousexpialidocious!!!!! Well done Manor House you truly raised the roof tonight!