Sleepover 2016

28th October 2016

School Hall

Our annual sleepover was held on the day we broke up for half term and was attended by 123 children with a terrific £2135 being raised in sponsorship. This year the money will be used for resources for the teaching of reading in school. The children started the night with a selection of games including musical statues, corners, best Dad dancer. We then get ready for our late night movie which is accompanied with hot chocolate and toast. There is always great excitement as we prepare for bed but it is great fun having your friends and cuddly toys at your side. The Key Stage One classes sleep in quieter class spaces whilst Key Stage Two pack into the hall. The staff in the meantime don't really get any sleep at all! Well done everyone for joining in, raising money, sleeping (most of you) and packing away most if your belongings the following morning.