School Council                       

The School Council are elected by class members each September. There are two representatives from year 1 upwards with extras from Year 5 and Year 6 due to their particular roles. This year the School Councillors are;

Class Elected - Larissa (secretary) and Scarlett (6), Gracie, Jossy, Jess and Ethan (5) , Olivia and Maddie (4), Lucy and Sonny (3), Lois and Olivia (2), Imogen and Owen (1).

Eco Warriors - Jess and Ethan

Fair Traders - James (Vice Chair)  and Livia (Chair)

Road Safety - Rhys (Treasurer) and Sadie

They are all working hard this year to make your voices heard.  We also have Arts and Sports Ambassadors who may help the School Council at different times of the year.

Miss Fiddler is our teacher advisor and after meetings we report to Mr Devereux-Roberts to make our suggestions. Have a look at our display outside Mr D-R's room and feel free to come and talk to us about any worries or bright ideas.

The school council organised a Santa Dash this year to raise money for playground improvements. We are fundraising this year for a climbing wall and have started to look at designs.


We held a book sale at the Christmas Fair which also raised money for our project.

We are looking forward to planning a career day in 2016. We hope to have lots of visitors to tell us about the world of work.

Please let us know if you have any fundraising ideas.