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Welcome to Marvel Class. 

Mrs Hughes and Mrs Brook are our teachers in reception with Mrs Wilkinson Dean as our Teaching Assistant. There are lots of lovely children in our class who enjoy working hard while having lots of fun at our fantastic school.

Our topics in Foundation Stage frequently change and are often guided by the children's own suggestions. Since starting school we have enjoyed getting to know our Year 6 Buddies who come to visit to help with our projects as well as helping to organise games for us at breaktimes. We really enjoy spending time with them. 

We are becoming more and more independent each day and developing our abilities to care for one another whilst completing our weekly challenges.  We also enjoy being the Tidy Boss,  The Learning Inspector, Star of the Day and earning team points for individual tasks and Star in the Jar when our whole class are being fantastic and meeting a target.

"Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with."

Iron Man