Design Technology

Mrs Pye is the curriculum lead for DT.


Year 1 (Potter Class) 

Can you use equipment safely and make a healthy Pirate Punch?

Can you design and make a toy?

Can you design and make a rocket ship?

Can you choose materials and build an animal a home in our forest area? 

Year 2 (Carroll Class) 

What is the best technique for joining fabric together to make a puppet?

What ingredients could you include in a sandwich to make it healthy and appealing?

How can an axle and wheels be fitted to the chassis of a vehicle?

Year 3 (Dahl Class)

Can we make some soft trousers for Ug?

How can you design and make a Stonehenge cake? 

Can you build a UK landmark? 

Year 4 (Lewis Class)

How can we make healthy choices for our bodies?

What materials make a good structure?

Which materials work well together?

Year 5 (Shakespeare Class)

How can I safely combine ingredients to make my own Aztec food product?

What materials can I combine to make a Viking long ship?

What mechanical components make an effective mechanical vehicle?

Year 6 (Tolkien Class)

What ingredients did the Victorians select from to make their favourite dishes?

Which textiles make the best Christmas decorations?

How can we produce the strongest bridge using a limited range of materials?