Video keeping in touch

Isolating together through CV19. 

Sharing our Rainbows for Frodsham and Butterflies for Claire House. Published 30/3/20.

The First Assembly by Mr Devereux-Roberts. Published 31/3/20

End of Term Celebration and Marie Curie 03/4/20

Dahl Class Storytime 7/4/20

Potter Class Storytime. The Day The Banana Went Bad 21/04/20

Lewis Class Storytime. Chapter 2 The Boy Who Drew Dragons. 23/04/20

Lewis class storytime. Chapter 3 and 4 The Boy Who Drew Dragons. 23/04/20

Carroll Class Message from Miss Bedford 27/04/20

Shakespeare Class Message from Mrs Levey 27/04/20

Lewis Class Chapter 5 and 6. The Boy Who Drew Dragons. 28/04/20

Shakespeare Class. Chapter 2. The Boy at the back of the class. 29/04/20

Tolkien Class Chapter 1. Can you see me? 29/04/20

On this page you will find the video links which we are making for our families and friends.

Mr Devereux-Roberts gives you a tour of his house. Say hi to Meg and Harry. Published 30/3/20

For this week's singing assembly. Thank you to all the families who sort of volunteered. 31/3/20

A story for Carroll Class 07/4/20

Milne Class Storytime 7/4/20

Milne Class Storytime. Kind.  21/04/20

Carrol Class Storytime 2 Wigglesbottom primary breaktime bunnies. 23/3/20

Milne Class Message from Mrs Hughes.      27/04/20

Dahl Class Message from Miss Kelly              27/04/20

Tolkien Class Message from Mrs Pye            27/04/20

Storytime Potter Class. The Worrysaurus. 28/04/20

Lewis Class. Chapters 7 and 8. The boy who drew dragons. 29/04/20

Assembly on being kind.                                       29/04/20.

The most recent films will be at the bottom of the page. 


A message to our families and friends from Mr Devereux-Roberts. Published 27/3/20

Storytime. Published 03/4/20

A story for Potter Class 07/4/20

Lewis Class Storytime. Chapter 1 The Boy Who Drew Dragons. 21/04/20

Imagination Assembly 22/04/20

Dahl class storytime 2  The Missing Bookshop. 23/04/20

Potter Class Message from Mrs McGrath   27/04.20

Lewis Class Message from Miss Fiddler        27/04/20

For our pupils and families from the staff.    27/-4/20

Shakespeare Class. Chapter One. The Boy at the back of the class. 29/04/20

Lewis Class Chapters 9 and 10. The boy who drew dragons. 29/4/20