Stars 2019


22nd March 2019

School Hall


Our annual Stars in their Eyes Competition was harder than usual this year as we wanted all those performing to do so with backing tracks. This can feel rather lonely when on stage as there is no back up plan when you forget words, but our brave pupils rose to the challenge, worked hard at home and school and were well prepared for the event. They all looked and sounded superb putting on a great night of entertainment which included stars such as Hugh Jackman,  Ariane Grande, One Direction, Beyonce, Sigrid, Jess Glynne and the Manor Stars Dance Crew. Also many thanks to Sara who returned as the winner from last year.

Many thanks to Esme our official photographer as part of her GCSE Photography. Nathan for being our sound technician, Iona for Stage Crew, Debbie, Adam and Ellie who were the judges, PTA team for the refreshments and all staff for their various roles. 

The results included The Children's Vote to Tyler, Austin and Dylan as One Direction, Best New Comer for Zach Bradbury as Hugh Jackman, Joint Third Places to Hope Tyrell as Lady Gaga and Maddy Bradbury as Beyonce, Second Place to Phoebe Fraser who as singing as Christina Perri but also signed the song so had a special mention from Mrs Devereux-Roberts...Now for First Place.... For the first time in this history of this production, the judges were unable to split their vote so shared winners Izzy as Bethany Salutz and Robyn as Idina Menzel. 

Whilst those may have been the winners, but the thing which we are almost most proud of is the support which all the children give to each other, which is evident in some of the photos below.