The Governing Body is essential for the management of the school. They are legally responsible for our finances, teaching and learning, the premises and for the strategic development of the school. Our Governors have regular contact with the school and have a clear understanding of what happens.  Our Governors are like our critical friends, they are aware of our strengths and weaknesses and continue to be fully informed about the day to day life at Frodsham Manor House. The Governing Body include representation from staff, parents, Cheshire West and our local community of Frodsham. Feedback is always welcome and we can be contacted through the school office where you can also ask for copies of meeting minutes. 

Parent Governors are elected by the parents of the current pupil body.

Co-opted governors are elected by the governing body depending on required skill set.

Local Authority governors are appointed by Cheshire West and Chester Council. 

Dates for the Academic Year 2018/19
Teaching and Learning Meetings- 5.30 pm start:
Monday 17th September 2018
Monday 21st January 2019
Monday 20th May 2019
Leadership & Management Meetings- 5.30pm start:
Monday 15th October 2018
Monday 5th February 2019
Monday 10th June 2019
Full Governing Body - 5pm start:
Monday 3rd December 2018
Monday 25th March 2019
Monday 16th July 2019


 Name                                   Photo                                              Areas of Responsibility                                               Profile                                                                        
Adam Kilborn

Chair of Governors


Head Teacher Performance Management.

Potter Class Link

Co-opted Governor - 4 year term of office - Ends July 2019

I started my second stint as a Governor at Frodsham Manor House in October 2015. Having previously been a Governor for a ten year period from 2004, I have witnessed the significant improvement in the school over the years and I jumped at the opportunity to be a Governor again so that I can help to support the further development of the school. As a parent to three children who all attended the school, I can attest to the tremendously positive effect it has had on their life and I am keen to ensure that as many other children as possible also benefit from the same opportunities. The very best thing about being a Governor is the opportunity to be in the school meeting all the children who are such amazing ambassadors for the school so I plan to take as full a part in school life as I can. I also sit on the Governing Body as Vice Chair at Kingsley County Primary School. 

Business/Financial Interests - None to declare

If you wish to contact Mr Kilborn, please do so through the school office address. 

Sarah-Jane Hair  

Vice Chair of Governors


Chair of Teaching and Learning committee



Healthy Schools (including PSHE)

Shakespeare class Link

Co-opted - Ends July 2019

I have been a Governor at Frodsham Manor House since 2009 and both my children are at school here. I am an active member of the Governing body visiting school on a regular basis. Having spent my career teaching in the secondary and Sixth form sectors, I welcome the refreshing opportunity to extend my educational interest beyond the realms of teenagers and into the primary sector. I enjoy seeing how education can make a difference to a child's life and how it impacts upon the aspirations and confidence of pupils - all of which I believe are encouraged positively here at Frodsham Manor House.  It is rewarding, as a Governor, to work in partnership with so many people to ensure that the children have a happy, safe and secure environment to learn and achieve their potential.

Business/Financial Interests - Nothing to declare

 Ian Devereux-Roberts  




I sit on the Governing Body in my capacity as the Head Teacher here at Manor House. I have been the Head Teacher here for eleven years, having previously been head teacher at Eaton Primary School. I adore my role as head teacher and I am exceptionally proud of all the achievements that have taken place here and obviously exceptionally proud of all the members of staff and the 215 wonderful children we currently have on roll. Away from education, I am a very proud dad to three amazing children - Ellie, Meg and Harry - and I also have a great interest in performing on stage. The children at school have seen me performing in a number of pantomimes! I sit on the Governing Body of Helsby High School as an Associate Member.

Business/Financial Interests - Nothing to declare

Neil Banks  

Chair of Leadership and Management committee.



Data Protection

Parent Governor - 4 Year term of office -  Ends April 2022

I am a new parent governor, having been elected in 2018. I have two children at the school. Like all governors, I’m a volunteer and an equal part of the governing board, sharing the same strategic role in supporting and challenging the School Leadership Team to deliver the best possible educational outcomes for pupils, both now and in the future. I’m looking forward to contributing to the ongoing success of Manor House Primary School.

Business / Financial Interests -  None to declare

Nic Page




Looked after children

Lewis Class Link


Parent Governor - 4 year term of office - Ends July 2022

 Having been elected as a parent governor in July 2018, I can't wait to start the role to help other governors to direct the school along a positive pathway for the benefit of the parents, teachers and most of all for the children. I have three children currently at Manor House with the youngest in Reception and the eldest in his final year. I believe I am a very approachable person and I hope that other parents would feel that can ask me questions or pass on their opinions for discussions at the appropriate meeting.

Business/Financial Interests - None to declare

Mark Warren  



Health and Safety

Milne Class Link

Local Authority Governor - 4 year term of office - Ends July 2019

I don't have children at the Manor House, but live locally and have been actively involved in the Frodsham community for many years now and recognise the school as an integral part of the community that it is. Previously Chair of the Frodsham Town Council, I now focus on a variety of community organisations and of course the responsibilities of school governorship with all the rewards that brings. From time to time I would like to be at the school in my professional capacity and hope to inspire the children to look at alternative career choices, but always remain fundamentally a ‘gidday’ type of person.

Business/Financial Interests -  None to declare

David Smith  



Dahl  Class Link

Co-opted Governor - 4 year term of office - Ends July 2019

I lead on the finance matters for the school. The ambition of the school and the passion it has to achieve the best for every child is something that is important to me. As a qualified accountant with 14 years experience in finance across different sectors including education, health and private sector (5 years at senior management level) I believe I have a wealth of skills to complement the Governing body. I have 3 children currently in the school,  and it's great to see them all so happy.

Business/Financial Interests - None to declare

Liz Stamps   



Tolkien Class Link

 Co-opted  Governor -4 year term of office-  Ends July 2019

I am a co-opted governor at Frodsham Manor House, having previously served as a parent governor. Over the years I have seen a massive improvement in all areas of the school since my eldest child started here in 2005. I want to help to ensure that improvements continue to take place. I am a paediatric nurse working as a Ward Sister at Alder Hey Children's Hospital and have three children who all attended this school. They all had a fantastic time here, enjoying and benefiting from the wealth of wonderful opportunities offered to them. 

Business/Financial Interests - 

Liz Lynch  

Pupil Premium Champion


 Design Technology


Carroll  Class Link

Parent Governor - 4 year term of office - Ends November 2019

I started my role as Parent Governor in November 2015 and have two children currently enjoying all that Frodsham Manor House has to offer with the eldest having just started high school. I am very excited to have taken on this role and am enjoying learning about how the school is run and helping make it be the best it can be. I am very active with many visits to school as I think it is important to engage with both pupils and staff so that I can be an effective member of the governing body.

Business/Financial Interests - Nothing to declare

Naomi Anstice    Assistant Head Teacher.

Staff Governor - 4 year term of office - Ends April 2020

I began my role as a Staff Governor in March 2016 and I am one of the Assistant Head Teachers at Manor House. I have taught at Frodsham Manor House since 1999 and have been a class teacher in years 4 and 5, prior to my current PPA role where I work with all classes in the school for Music, RE and PSHE. I am responsible for Community and International links. I also work as an Educational Consultant and Specialist Leader in Education supporting schools and universities across the  North West and am a member of NATRE Exec (National Association Teachers of Religious Education) . 

Business/Financial Interests - Nothing to declare

There is currently one vacancy for a co-opted Governor.

Attendance records for 2016/17 can be found here. 

 For detailed terms of office dates and attendance records, please click here. 

The Governors have a password protected page on the website from this they can find relevant documents.