Meet the Staff

 This page will introduce you to the staff at Frodsham Manor House Primary School. Many of the staff have written a description of themselves and will tell you about their favourite school event and which books they liked reading as a child. We're a friendly lot, do come and introduce yourself if you are new to our school family.



Mr Ian Devereux-Roberts. Headteacher.

I have had the pleasure of being the Head Teacher here at Frodsham Manor House since September 2007 and it's a role that I adore undertaking. Prior to being the Head Teacher here, I was the Head Teacher at Eaton Primary School - a small rural school not too far from Frodsham. 2017 means that I have been teaching for 30 years which must make me very old!!

Working alongside a dedicated and professional staff team for the benefit of all the pupils here at school makes my position here at school to be such a wonderful one. Each day is very different but what is always constant is the love of learning that each pupil demonstrates and the support and encouragment they show to one another.

When not being a Head Teacher, I am married to Mrs Devereux-Roberts and a dad to three awesome children - Ellie, Meg and Harry who are our world. I also like to act and sing and I have been a member of Ellesmere Port Musical Theatre Company for over twenty years.

Ever since I was very young I wanted to be a teacher. I worked hard at school, went off to university to train to be a teacher and now I am doing what I wanted to be.

'Dream, believe and you will achieve'.

Mr Devereux-Roberts' curriculum responsibility is PE.


 Miss Sally Bedford. Deputy Headteacher 0.8.

Having worked at Manor House for an incredibly long time (starting in 1997), I think that it is very clear that I consider it a wonderful place to be. My favourite event is 'Stars in their Eyes' but I also love our infant nativity productions. I currently work in Year 2 and am the Deputy Head but have taught in all infant classes and even spent two years in Year 3 which was a fantastic experience.

As a child, my favourite book was 'The Faraway Tree' by Enid Blyton, but a close second was 'Charlotte's Web' which I read with my class last year.

I have a son called Joe who is nearly one and full of fun. mischief and love, we love to swim, play ball and go to the park. Once upon a time I used to  enjoy running, the cinema and eating out, but now those times are few and far between. 

Miss Bedford's responsibilities include Literacy, Art and Safeguarding.


Mrs Kerry Pye.  Assistant Headteacher.

Hello, I am Mrs Pye and I am the Year 6 teacher at Manor House.  Before arriving at Manor House in 2014, I taught Years 5 and 6 at a school in Widnes for five years.  Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked as a Learning Mentor for eight years which involved working with primary (and secondary pupils!) to overcome their barriers to learning in order to help them achieve their best. I think it must be clear that I really enjoy working with young people and helping them to achieve their full potential! I  am also the Literacy Coordinator at Manor house; a role that I am really enjoying and have lots of experience in.  I have always loved reading and writing so it really is the perfect subject for me to lead! 

When I was at primary school, my dad always bought me an Enid Blyton book each Friday on his way home from work and my favourite was The Magic Faraway Tree! I would always finish the book by the time the weekend was over and would wait eagerly for the next week’s arrival. Even now, I love buying and receiving new books!  Mr Pye insists that I should buy a kindle but I always refuse, there is something amazing about the sight and smell of a crisp, new book! When I’m not at school, I enjoy spending time with my family (I have two daughters, Gracie and Rosa and I am the eldest of five children!), sneaking off to the gym when I get the chance, reading and watching documentary programmes. This academic year, I am most looking forward to going to London with my class in June and helping them to approach their SATS exams with confidence, knowing that they have done their best and will succeed!

Mrs Pye is responsible for Literacy.


Mrs Naomi Anstice. Assistant Headteacher 0.8

I'm Naomi Anstice, Mum to Esme (15)  and Iona (12).  Wife to Ian and Tummy Rubber to Gusto the Schnoodle and Miffy the Schnauzer. I have taught at Manor House School since 1999, and before that at two schools in Crewe. I have even been Director of Music at a private school which makes me sound very posh!   I have a lovely job in the school as I get to teach all the classes for a few hours each every week. I deliver all the Music and Religious Education. I play the piano and clarinet and do my best on the saxophone and flute in Wider Opps with Year 5. 

I  like going to the cinema and theatre to see musicals.  I am the Musical Director for Frodsham Panto Group which keeps me very busy during the Autumn Term. One day a week I am an educational consultant working with schools across the North West as well as being a Consultant for Cheshire West and I am involved with the development of RE nationally often attending meetings in London and Birmingham. . I am the National Ambassador for RE Networks.

My favourite annual event at Manor House is the Key Stage One Wedding as I love how we all get so involved dressing up for the occasion and I enjoyed the overnight family camp  when we get to spend some chilled out time with the school families. I also really enjoy working with outside organisations on community musical events like the Frodsham Christmas Festival.

My favourite books to read when I was at primary school were 'The Wizard of Oz' series, 'The Ordinary Princess' and 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.' I read very similar style books now although adults call them 'Fantasy' and am a big Harry Potter fan. 

Mrs Anstice is responsible for Healthy Schools, International, RE, Music, PSHE, School Productions and Community Links (including the website and twitter as well as face to face!)

Mrs Debbie Hughes. Reception teacher

 Hello, I'm Mrs Hughes one of the reception teachers and SENDCO here at school. I've started teaching at Manor House in 2005, originally in KS 2 where I taught in years 4, 5 and 6. However, I decided to change from teaching the oldest children in school to the youngest! I absolutely love teaching in reception - aged just four and five the children are full of curiosity and motivation, their minds are like sponges as they take in and learn from the environment around them. If you come to visit us you'll probably see that I have my pink I-Pad permanently attached to me as I'm trying to capture all the wonderful learning that takes place! 

I'm also the teacher responsible for ensuring that all the children and staff are alert and awake for school, as it is me who delivers our daily 'wake up shake up' routines. I love to dance and think it's a great way to keep active. My favourite school event is Stars in their Eyes as I get to create an action packed dance routine for the children to entertain the judges with. As a child my favourite book was 'The House that Jack Built' and I still have my original copy- although it looks a bit tatty now! Now I absolutely love to read Julia Donaldson books both to my own children and my class.

As well as being a teacher my other full time job is being a mum and a wife!  I now have two beautiful children, Oscar 9 and Sophie who is 5 and we live in Helsby with my husband and the children's daddy, Mike. We love spending time together as a family, we are regular visitors to the Zoo and we love playing games together like monopoly or operation. 

Mrs Hughes is responsible for EYFS and SENDCO. She is a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Mrs Kate Brook. Reception and Year 2  teacher 0.4 and Teaching Assistant

Hello, I am Mrs Brook. I work in the Reception class as a teaching assistant and their teacher on a Wednesday. On Fridays I teach in Year 2. I love working with the children, welcoming them into our school family, seeing them grow in confidence and ability.

I live in Frodsham and actually attended the school when it was Manor Junior school.  My association with Manor house continued as a parent and volunteer on the PTA and I started working here in January 2014, following a career break to raise my daughters. I previously taught Reception, year one and two for nine years in Widnes and Hale.

As a child my favourite books were by Roald Dahl, especially 'The BFG' and 'The Twits'. I am particularly proud to have met and had my copy of 'Revolting Rhymes' signed by Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake.

My favourite school events are the Infant Nativity performances and the Junior summer production. When the children sing together it makes my heart swell (and often my eyes leak!).

Miss Harry Carmody. Year 1 Teacher.

 Hello, I am Miss Carmody and I am the Year 1 teacher. I started at Frodsham Manor House in April 2014 covering for Mrs Hughes whilst she had her little girl.  Teaching is my passion and I feel lucky every day to work with such wonderful children and staff.

My favourite annual event at school is the Infant Nativity. It is fantastic to see the children all dressed up and performing on stage. When all the hard work is done, the final performance definitely puts you in the Christmas spirit. 

Choosing my favourite book is a very hard decision as I seem to change my mind every time I read a new one and see how much the children enjoy it. After much deliberation I have to go for ‘The Snail and Whale’ by Julia Donaldson. 

I live in North Wales so naturally I am a big rugby fan. It would be a crime if I wasn’t! In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I spend weekends walking, riding my bike or trying not to spend too much money in the shops!

Most of the staff here would agree that there is never a dull moment back in North Wales!

Miss Carmody is responsible for Science.



 Miss Aoife Kelly. Year 3 Teacher.

Hello, I’m Miss Kelly. I started  teaching at Frodsham Manor House in 2015 after finishing my PGCE placement here. I currently teach in Year 3 and I am absolutely loving it! I have always wanted to be a teacher and worked hard at school to ensure I secured this role.

I am originally from Ireland (Derry) and moved over to Chester to become a teacher. I am thoroughly enjoying living in Chester at the moment as there are lots of things to do and see. I love being a teacher as I get to work alongside talented children each day. Any spare time that I do have I enjoy spending it going back home visiting my family (especially my little brother Oisin who is just ten). I also like travelling to different cities to experience various cultures, going to the gym and socialising with family and friends. 

My favourite annual event at school is ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ as you get to see lots of talented performers try their best to achieve as much as possible as well as demonstrating great courage and confidence in doing so. 

When I was at school, my favourite books were by Roald Dahl.  I always thought he was such a clever author, and his books always made me laugh especially the Twits. At school I always looked forward to book fairs getting to choose a book of my choice. I enjoy reading when I am on holidays however, I am more drawn into buying children’s books and illustrations always draw me in. I have recently read the Hunger Games books as I find the books are normally better than the films. 

Miss Kelly is responsible for History and Geography. 

Miss Alex Fiddler. Year 4 Teacher.

I’m Miss Fiddler, I am currently teaching Year 4. I started at Frodsham Manor House in 2012. I love my job helping children achieve their full potential and sharing my passion for reading, writing and learning. In my spare time I enjoy travelling, swimming, reading and spending time with my friends and family, especially my niece Lottie, taking her to the zoo, baking and reading which make us both smile a lot!

My favourite annual event at school is Star in Their Eyes. Seeing the children perform to an audience with such confidence amazes me. Also, the camping night, even though I wouldn't camp, I thought it was lovely watching all the families spend time together, playing games, dancing, eating barbecue food and taking part in treasure hunts!When I was at school, I enjoyed reading Beatrix Potter books, my favourite character was Mrs Tiggy Winkle and Peter Rabbit, I loved reading their adventures and admiring the beautiful illustrations. 

Miss Fiddler is responsible for Computing, the School Council and Dyslexia support.



Mrs Cassie Levey. Year 5 Teacher.

Hello, I'm Mrs Levey  and I am the Year 5 teacher. I started at Manor House in 2016.  I have had the pleasure of teaching Year 5 previously in Buckinghamshire, where I have moved from, for the previous two years and love my job.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my family and friends, walk, run, read, bake and visit new countries. 

It is very difficult to pick my favourite childhood book, as I always had, and often still have, my head stuck in a book. I always found 'The Secret Garden' enchanting and have fantastic memories of reading 'The Worst Witch' and 'Milly Molly Mandy' stories with my parents. I am looking forward to discovering my favourite school event at Manor House. At my last school, I enjoyed watching children perform at an annual dance festival, showing off their hard work and talent. 

Miss Levey is responsible for French and Art.


  Mrs Ashley Atkin . Teacher and Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Debbie Allen. Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Sheila Deegan. Teaching Assistant.

Hello, I'm Mrs D. I love my job especially at Christmas. The infant nativity play is amazing. I adore the angelic faces and the excitement for when Father Christmas arrives.

As a child I liked to read Secret Seven books and my favourite book was Black Beauty.

When I am not working my family and I like to hike and go to the beach where we can climb sand dunes and jump the waves.

Miss Linda Hall . Teaching Assistant.

I have worked at school for 16  years and still cry at every leaver's assembly ! I enjoy singing and particularly look forward to our annual ` Stars in Their Eyes`. It amazes me to see the confidence of the children. 

As a child I attended this school and remember reading Heidi and dreaming of living in the Alps . My favourite book now is probably The Whales`Song by Dyan Sheldon and Gary Blythe. The illustrations are fantastic!


 Miss Michelle Hopley. Reception Teaching Assistant.

Hello, I'm Miss Hopley. I have worked at Manor House for 22 years - since Orchard House Infants joined with Manor Juniors to become one school. I have worked with all age groups through out the school but mostly in the Infants and particularly with the Reception class. I enjoy my job greatly. It is a delight to build relationships with the children and help to guide them through their school life. I also teach Cross Stitch club on Tuesday lunchtimes for children in Key Stage 2.

 I enjoy going to the theatre to see musicals, I do lots of crafts and have meals out with my friends.

My favourite events in school are the infant nativity play and 'Stars in their Eyes' (which is emotional and totally amazing). 


 Mrs Diane Lamb. Teaching Assistant.

I am married to Jon and mum to Alex, aged 15.   We live in Helsby – within walking distance of the high school.  We have a cat called Sooty.   In my spare time I enjoy travelling, reading and walking.  I also help out at the local scouts, which is good fun!! At school, I enjoy the preparations for the annual school production.  Seeing the children taking part and enjoying themselves is very rewarding.

When I was at school, my favourite author was definitely Enid Blyton – I read every one of the Famous Five books but would find it hard to choose which one was my favourite!

Mrs Lamb is a dyslexia specialist and delivers ELSA for a number of our pupils.


Mrs Nadine Read. School Administrator.

I'm Nadine Read and I am the Clerical Officer here at Frodsham Manor House.  On a day to day basis my job involves taking telephone calls, keeping attendance records,  recording dinner money and many more, there is never a dull moment !  I have two daughter who both attended Manor House. I really enjoy my work and love to see the children develop and to hear them sing, especially at Christmas time. Frodsham Manor House is a really special place.

My favourite book as a child was 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.


Mrs Julie Cain. Bursar.

I'm Julie Cain and I work in the office Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I am responsible for all of the school finances. I have been working here for 18  years. My son, Ben was a pupil here, he is now an RAF engineering technician. My husband is a train driver  and we enjoy travelling by rail around Europe. I like to exercise and spend time with friends.

My favourite school event is 'Stars in their Eyes' and I have often enjoyed being one of the judges on the night. It s lovely to see children coming out of their shell, performing so well to a packed audience.

My favourite book was Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree. 


Mr Laurence McCarvell. Site Maintenance Officer.

I’m Laurence McCarvell, I joined Frodsham Manor House in March 2016. I am responsible for the general day to day maintenance of the school.

I have two “grown up” children and three grandchildren, one of my grandchildren attends Frodsham Manor House School.

My favourite event in school is the Christmas Nativity as Christmas is a magical time of the year.

As a child I enjoyed nothing more than playing and watching football.

My favourite book was Oliver Twist by the author Charles Dickens; I particularly liked the characters the Artful Dodger & Mr Fagan.


Mrs Sue Morgan. Catering Team.


I'm Mrs Morgan and am responsible for all the school dinners and snacks in school. I have three daughters who all attended Manor House called Michelle, Sarah and Sam. I also have a 20 month old Grandson. My daughters are fantastic dancers and I spend alot of time outside school supporting their dancing activities often working on costumes.


My favourite events in school are the ones where the kitchen staff can get involved easily. We liked dressing up as Pirates and making our selves looks scruffy for Wild Child week. I also really enjoy the annual KS1 wedding when we make a cake, decorate the dining room and have a top table for the wedding party. 


I can remember reading the Noddy books as a child and I enjoyed reading them to my own children. 


Mrs Alison Tyghe. Catering Team.

I'm Mrs Tyghe. I have two children who both attended Manor House a few years ago. My hobbies are walking with my naughty collie dog and I enjoy aerobics.

As a child my favourite school event was sports day, I was never any good but enjoyed the excitement of finding out who would win. I still enjoy Sports Day now.

My favourite book was.  'The Secret Garden'. 




Mrs Sue Coman. Lunchtime Team 

Mrs Zoe Leighton. Lunchtime Team


 Mrs Radcliffe. Lunchtime and Site Maintenance Team. 

I have been a midday assistant at school now for 22 years and for the last few years have also been helping to clean the school after the children go home.I have three children and three grandchildren who i am very proud of. My eldest daughter is a deputy head in a primary school so I often hear aboout life in a primary school. At weekends I enjoy shopping and often help to look after my 9 year old grandchild as well as spending time with the other two grandchildren as well. My family keep me very busy and I love seeing them all.

My favourite book at primary school was 'Black Beauty' which is a story about a horse called 'Black Beauty'.My favourite school events are anything to do with Christmas, I like to hear the choir rehearsing, the excitement of Christmas Dinner and the lovely KS1 nativity. 

 Mrs Jeanette Rogers. Lunchtime team

 Mrs Freda Shaw. Lunchtime Team.

 Mrs Linda Tidmarsh. Lunchtime Team.