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Welcome to "The Buzz"! This is our weekly blog by My Devererux-Roberts which tells you about what has happened in school this week and what we are looking forward to during the following week. It is normally published on a Friday afternoon and is one of the options on the home page of the App for quick access. If you do not have the school app then search for "School Jotter" on your provider then once downloaded take the option for Frodsham Manor House School. 

The Buzz

23rd September 2022

Ian Devereux-Roberts (IDevereux-Roberts) on: The Buzz

What's in the news:

Our after school enrichment offer has been well recieved and I extend my thanks to staff members for providing these clubs. As always the clubs have been oversubsribed. You will recieve a text message next week confirming which club children have been allocated to. 

Our new family - Reuben and Isabella - have been made to feel most welcome in their first week in school. Thank you Year 3 and Year 5 for being so kind and caring. 

Thank you to those school families who have purchased a number or numbers to be part of this year's PTAs 100 club fundraiser. This is a chance to win a monthly prize whilst at the same time supporting the fundraising efforts of  the PTA. If you haven't done so already, please consider purchasing a number - details are outlined above. The first draw will take place in October. Thanking you in advance for your support.

A Supersonic Phonics newsletter - compiled by Mrs McGrath and Mrs Pye - has been emailed out today.  

What's happened in school this week:

In assembly on Wednesday we spent time discussing 'Our Golden Rules' particularly why these rules are important for everyone in school. Our Golden rules are:

• We respect each other with our words and actions
• We look after our school environment and school property
• We are gentle and fair
• We listen
• We follow instructions and always try our best

These rules are embedded in our 'Behaviour for Learning' policy which the staff have currrently reviewed based on a trauma informed approach to behaviour management which the local authority is asking all agencies to adopt. Once approved by the Governing Body the policy will be shared with all school families. The immediate difference that you will see is the 'It's Good to be Green' scheme is no longer a part of the policy and you may here your child using the phrase reflection time. We are of the firm belief that our new policy promotes a positive discipline approach when dealing with behaviour expectations in school. 

Rashford class had a fantastic day on Thursday for their Ancient Greek experience day. Year 4 have started to investigate this half terms big question “How have the Ancient Greeks impacted on our live today?”. On Thursday they came into school looking amazing their togas and tunics; they found out more about ancient Greeks clothing; took part in a banquet and tried lots of foods including- anchovies, goats cheese, honey, olives, hummus and olive oil. They also smashed grapes with their feet to make ‘wine’ using the traditional method. Alongside this, they created a head wreath and decided what ancient Olympic game they would imagine they could win! A fun day was had by all!

Our whole class instrument tuition has begun with Parks Class this week and saw the children trying to create a note on an instrumen. I always love this time of the year as they begin to master playing a new instrument - the only direction of travel is to get better!!!!


Parks class had a fun today celebrating Comic Book Day today. We designed and made our own superheroes, whilst dressed in our own costumes. We even designed and made our own masks to wear too! The first Spread the Happiness Day of the new school year.

What's made me smile in school this week:

Seeing Rashford Class immersing themselves wholeheartedly in their Ancient Greeks Day made me smile lots - although I will pass on the wine they created!!!

 Head Teacher Awards

Nathan (Rashford Class) for his sentence work in literacy.

Henry (Rashford Class) for completing the summer reading challenge.

Cosmo (Attenborough Class) for his additional home learning on materials. 

James (Armstrong Class) for completing the summer reading challenge.

Thomas (Marvell Class) for his outstanding bravery.

James T (Attenborough Class) for completing the summer reading challenge.

Sophie J (Parks Class) for her kindness and support of a friend during a fire alarm practice, 

Seb (Nightingale Class) for his excellent piece of writing 'All About Seals'.

Doodlers of the week - Barnaby (Attenborough Class); Vade (Nightingale Class); Jayvin (Parks Class); Seren (Marvell Class); Nathan (Armstrong Class); Ella (Rashford Class) and Austin (Darwin Class)

Presentation Awards:

Vade (Nightingale Class) for his report writing planner.

Our Celebration Assembly Superstars:


Marvell Class: Thomas for his bravery and resilience, along with his msile and his determination.

Armstrong Class: Lewis for his outstanding attitude to learning; his role play skills and his literacy skills, including a story written at home with daddy.

Attenborough Class: Bethia for her smiley disposition; for her beautiful handwriting amd her love of learning. 

Nightingale Class: Heeya for her knowledge about nature; for her teamwork skills creating a marshmallow volcano and her super topic work. 

Rashford Class: Seb for his sporting prowess and his participatioin in Ancient Greek day.

Parks Class: Ella for her gymnastics skills and her literacy skills.

Darwin Class: Isaac for excellent contributions to class discussions; his kindness and for his WWII work.

Our 'Spread the Happiness' Superstars:


The following children enjoyed a drink of hot chocolate and a biscuit, along with a chat with Mr D-R, as they were selected to receive the special 'Spread the Happiness' award this week:

Ruby (Marvell Class) for settl;ing in so well to Marvell Class and always looking out for others. 

Jack (Armstrong Class) for coping so well with all the appointmants he has had to attend this week and coming back inti school with a smile. 

Matilda (Attenborough Class) for always showing a love of learning.

Hughie (Nightingale Class) for being kind and helpful and showing super organisational skills.

Robyn (Rashford Class) for taking part brilliantly in the Ancient Greek Day activities. 

Alex (Parks Class) for his beautiful poem this week.

Rose (Darwin Class) for super effort during tag rugby training

Happy Birthday:

In our Assembly we congratulated and signed Happy Birthday to maxwell, Holly-Jo, Zoe and Elizabeth. . If you have celebrated your birthday this week, then many happy returns from us too!

Dine with a Friend Friday

The following children, with a friend, had the opportunity to sit at the special table in the school hall to enjoy their lunch on Friday:

Alfie S, Zishan, George B, Olivia, Barnaby, Ruby and Euan

Winning House Team:

The winning team this week was Thirlmere - congratulations to everyone in green team who accumulated 624 team points. Blue team was in second position having accumulated 570 team points; red team was in third position having accumulated 518 team points and red team was in fourth position having 503 accumulated team points.

What we are looking forward to next week:

France and Belgium residential visit - Monday 26th to Friday 30th September - Year 5 and Year 6.

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16th September 2022

Ian Devereux-Roberts (IDevereux-Roberts) on: The Buzz

What's in the news:

Hoping that the welcome back letter was received by all school famalies last week.

We will be welcoming the Woods family to our school on Tuesday - Isabella will be joining Nightingale Class and Reuben will be joining Parks Class. I know they will be made to feel most welcome by the children in these classes.

Following the delivery of speeches and a vote by the children in Years 1 to 6 last Friday, I am able to share the outcomes of our team captain and vice-captain election process:

Coniston (Red Team): Captain - Chloe; Vice-captain - Kayleigh

Penrith (Blue Team): Captain - Sophie; Vice-captain - Oscar

Thirlmere (Green): Captain - Dara; Vice-captain - Aysha

Grasmere (Yellow): Captain: Bella; Vice-captain - Layla  

Super congratulations to the our team captains and vice-captains and super well done to all the members of Year 6 who put themselves forward for these roles. I know Mrs Pye was very proud of them all. 

Our enrichment offer - after-school clubs - has been shared as a paper copy today with clubs commencing on Tuesday 4th October and running until the 6th December. If any parents feel that they are able to support our enrichment programme then please contact school. It would be wonderful to be able to offer football training, for Years 5 and 6, if we have any parents willing to offer their services. Again please contact school. 

What's happened in school this week:

Earlier this week, Darwin Class enjoyed a fun-filled day with Mrs Watson, who delivered a 'Chemistry with Cabbage' workshop for us. We were taught how to make our own chemical indicator (cabbage juice!) and we used this to test whether different household chemicals were acid, alkali or neutral. We learned that an acid is the opposite of an alkali, so if you add an acid to an alkali, you get a neutral. It was lots of fun testing this out! We also enjoyed adding milk to acids, neutrals, and alkalis, and we quickly realised that it would curdle only in the acids. This 'curdling' is the first stage in digesting protein and one of the reasons why you have acid in your stomach.  We can tell Mr Devereux-Roberts how to best treat his indigestion now! We undertook lots of practical experiments, and even had the chance to undertake one to investigate gravity and forces - this involved a baby bottle filled with water and a ping pong ball, which we had to hold over our heads! Only one of the class got very wet doing this! Overall, Darwin Class had a brilliant day and enjoyed undertaking lots of practical experiments. Please do have a look at our Twitter feed to see lots of photographs from the day.  (Mrs Pye)

Along with our Book of Condolence which has been open all week, as a school we also chose to mark the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II by each child and member of staff tieing a purple ribbon to the fence at the front of school. Many members of the local community have also taken up the opportunity to tie a ribbon too, including Councillor Anstice from Frodsham Town Council. We also held a very special assembly on Monday too, in which we celebrated the life of Queen Elizabeth.  


The start of the new school year always begins with Life Education sessions with Rachel. With a focus on learning about the best ways to take care of our bodies and minds, all classes had the chance to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas with each other and with Rachel. Thank you again Rachel for leading these sessions so wonderfully. 

Parks Class, under the guidance of our FAVSP School Sports Co-ordinator Mrs Dorrell, took part in a playleader training session on Thursday afternoon this week. Having undertaken the training Year 5 need to decide whether they wish to apply to be a playleader which, if successful, will see them leading games activties on the infant playground at lunchtimes. I look forward to receiving their applications.

Thankk you for supporting Jeans4Genes Day - we raised the wondreful total of £300. We will send a cheque next week to this most deserving charity. I have to confess that because I am getting really old, I got up this morning and forgot to tell myself to wear jeans!! So I arrived in school to then realise what I had done. Please forgive me but I will wear a pair of jeans next week.  

What's made me smile in school this week:

Seeing the children engaged in new learning, in their new classes, has made me smile this week. Lots of wonderful learning taking place -as can be seen in the photographs below of Attenborough Class as they explore the start of their new class book.

Head Teacher Awards

Tilly, Matilda, Dara, Hannah, Lauren, Olivia A, Eva, Sophie E, Thomas (Y5), George (Y5), Fearne, Jess B, Samuel B, Amy E, Emily D, Albie F, George B, Sophie A, Kamran, Arabella P, Cosmo, Scott, Henry S, Heeya, Erna, Abi (Y3), hector, Joe B, Tilly F and Niamh for completing the summer reading challenge.

Erica (Darwin Class) for getting to the reflect section on Power Maths. 

Eloise (Nightingale Class) for excellent contributions in class and super independence.

Presentation Awards:

Marnie (Parks Class) for her poetry work in Literacy.

Our Celebration Assembly Superstars:

Marvell Class: Maxwell for settling in well; for setting a good example; for being good at rhyming and good at tidying up.

Armstrong Class: Jacob for listening well; for taking part in games and for always sitting smartly. 

Attenborough Class: Barnaby for his maturity, kindness, friendship, maths skills and good listening skills.

Rashford Class: Molly for being respectful; for icluding people and for good listening. 

Parks Class: Martha for her bravery; for being helpful to others and for her caring nature. 

Darwin Class: Aysha for being thoughtful; reliable; helpful, responsible and super presentation skills. 

Our 'Spread the Happiness' Superstars:

 The following children enjoyed a drink of hot chocolate and a biscuit, along with a chat with Mr D-R, as they were selected to receive the special 'Spread the Happiness' award this week:

Cody for bringing his banana smile to school each day.

Tilly for giving Mrs McGrath a cuddle and making her smile.

Bethia for being so enthusiastic across all areas of learning and sharing lovely thoughrs about Queen Elizabeth. 

James for amazing contributions during Life Education workshop.

Eva for trying hard in lessons and starting to share her lovely ideas.

Sophie O for always being enthusiastic. 

Rohan for setting a wonderful example to others during his learning. 

Happy Birthday:

In our Assembly we congratulated and signed Happy Birthday to Harrison, William, Abgail (Year 1) and Zac. If you have celebrated your birthday this week, then many happy returns from us too!

Dine with a Friend Friday

The following children, with a friend, had the opportunity to sit at the special table in the school hall to enjoy their lunch on Friday:

Emilia, Lauren, Jake, Thomas (Year 3), Seb, Bethan and Sophie.

Winning House Team:

The winning team this week was Thirlmere - congratulations to everyone in green team who accumulated 2216 team points. Blue team was in second position having accumulated 1625 team points; yellow team was in third position having accumulated 904 team points and red team was in fourth position having 839 accumulated team points.

What we are looking forward to next week:

Tag Rugby training Year 6 - Thursday 22nd September.

Greek Day - Year 4 - Thursday 22nd September.

Spread the Happiness - Comic Book Day - Parks Class - Friday 23rd September.

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22nd July 2022

Ian Devereux-Roberts (IDevereux-Roberts) on: The Buzz

What's in the news:

Please find below some information that might be of interest

The Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme

Families of students in receipt of Free School Meals or with SEND can access extra support from the Local Authority over the summer via their Holiday Activities and Food programme

‘Kids Eat Free’ Please see for details of places offering deals for families this summer (you have to scroll down the page to get to the Summer 2022 section).

In the final week of term we were able to appoint two new members of staff. We are delighted with these appointments and we will be welcoming Mrs Whyman and Mrs Bamford in September. Mrs Whyman is replacing Mrs Allen and will be based in Year 4 in the mornings and then delivering speech and language programmes in the afternoons, whilst Mrs Bamford will be based in year 2 each day replacing Miss Read. 

On behalf of myself and the school staff, may I thank those school families who took time to respond to the recent Parental Questionnaire sent out. We will take time to analyse the findings and report back in September.  

Again on behalf of the school staff and myself, many thanks for the wonderful messages and gifts received at the end of term. 

And on a final note, and because I am completing this blog on a Monday and not a Friday, I am able to share the beautiful news of an event that took place at the weekend. A planed garden party turned out to be a two day surprise wedding. Huge congratulations from us all to Miss Bedford and Mrs Pearson - we send our love to both of them. 

What's happened in school this week:

Surviving Monday and Tuesday in the hot weather was the first achievement of the week. By making changes to the school day, we all managed to get through these two days!

Wednesday saw the Year 6s sharing their leaving assembly with us all. What a wondeful event this was. Watched by their very proud parents, they took us to the year 2038 and saw them tell us what they were doing and their memories of school life here at Manor House. Fingers crossed they will acheive their individual goals. As it was 2038, a special guest returned to school!! I must say Isaac from Shakespeare Class portrayed the now retired head teacher Mr D-R superbly well!! It was  a very funny moment indeed! It was wonderful listening to the Year 6s share their memories - we have loved sharing their primary chilren with us and wish them so much success at their respective high schools. Each year 6 was prsented with their year book and a gift from school and Noah was awarded the Meg and Harry Achievement award. Despite the many tears, it really a truly wonderful saying farewell to each and everyone one of the Year 6 class of 2021-2022.

Thursday was a very busy morning. We had a very special assembly first, where we said goodbye to Mrs Allen and Miss Read. For Miss Read, it's on to training as as Assistant Educational Pyschologist for Flintshire Local Authority. For Mrs Allen, who has worked as a teaching assistant for just over 15 years, it is on to new adventures. As a leaving gift, Mrs Allen presented school with a wooden sculpture which has been sited in our jubilee garden. We wish Mrs Allen much happiness. 

Miss Bedford and I had the honour and pleasure of interviewing those members of Shakespeare Class - Aysha, Rose, Bella, Rosa, Pearl, Daisy, Noah, Innis, Tom and Dara - who had submitted appliation letters to become Pupil Leadership Ambassadors. The confidence they show at interview never fails to impress Miss Bedford and I - always making it difficult to make decisions. I am delighted to share the news that Rosa and Innis are our new Pupil Leadership Ambassadors, with Noah, Daisy and Pearl as Pupil Leadership Vice-Ambassadors. I know they will be awesome in these roles. 

Thursday afternoon saw Year 6 enjoying a final treat at Top Park - fish and chip dinner was on the menu followed by a chance to play!

On their return from Top Park, Year 6 then joined the rest of the school to undertake our 'Colour Run' in aid of Claire House Children's Hospice. having had a break for three years, returning to this special event was just so so wonderful - probably my most favourite school event. The children had an awesome time thanks to our 'colourifiers' and in the process raised an amazing £700. Huge thank you to all school families for being so generous. Please see the school wedsite for a plethors of images capturing this very special event.

If Thursday was not busy as it was, the Colour Run led into the PTAs Summer Fair - which was just a beautiful way to bringthe school year to close. Supported by so many the evend rasied £1700 for school which was just so amazing. Again see the school website, for images that captured the event. Maybe I am getting too old to get dunked?!!!!

What's made me smile in school this week:

I always smile when children go out of their way to share their news that has been achieved beyond the school gates and never more so this week.  For Zac C (Tolkien Class) it was taking part in the Severn Valley International Gymnastics competition, held at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, where he was the overall winner in his age group. Super congratulations. For Elliott (Lewis Class) it was being invited to join FFF Academy, which is run by one of the Scouts for Stoke City. He played with them for the first time on Sunday in a tournament near Stone and they won!  Super congratulations! Staying on the footbal theme, Aiden (Tolkien Class) also showed by the trophy he had been recently awarded - moment of the year. I had shared this moment in question in my blog earlier on in the year! Super congratualations.

Head Teacher Awards:

Austin and Innis (Shakespeare Class) for their super pig vector images.

Pearl (Shakespeare Class) for her excellent enchanted forest vector image.

George and Oscar (Shakespeare Class) for thier poetry skills.

Vade (Carroll Class) for his wonderfully creative triarana. 

Happy Birthday:

In our Assembly we congratulated and signed Happy Birthday to Rosa, Ellie, Joseph K, Taya, James B-H, Daaara, Jaxon, Marnie, Danny, Harry J, Ethen, Ruby, Luke, Kamran, Holly-Rose, Sam M, Natalya, Ella C. Alyssa, Sophie J, Jessie R, Damiel, Betsey and Miss Hall. If you have celebrated your birthday last week, this week, or are celebrating it over the summer break, then many happy returns from us too!

Winning House Team:

The winning team this week was Thirlmere - congratulations to everyone in green team who accumulated 699 team points. Blue team was in second position having accumulated 245 team points; red team was in third position having accumulated 215 team points and yellow team was in fourth position having accumulated 201 team points.

With all bars counted, the winning team for the summer term was Penrith (Blue team) who accumulated 22 bars. The winning team for the school year 20221-2022, was Grasmere (Yellow team) who accululated 85 bars in total, with blue team second, red team third and green team fourth. Super well done to everyone in yellow team!

What we are looking forward to next week:

Enjoying the summer break with family and friends

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15th July 2022

Ian Devereux-Roberts (IDevereux-Roberts) on: The Buzz

What's in the news:

On the 8th July, our Year 5 playleaders led a range of multi-skills games here at school as part of a FAVSP Year 1 event. Ove 180 pupils from local schools took part in the event and had a wonderful morning. Our playleaders did a wonderful job and we received many comments from our visitors on how fabulous they thought our playleaders were. Very proud indeed.

Leave of absence
The last two years have seen absence levels within schools much higher than in previous years. This has been inevitable due to the pandemic, school closures and reduced numbers. More recently, there have also been a large number of requests for absence approval for rearranged holidays, as families have been able to get away and also to visit relatives that have not been seen for some time.

Regular, punctual attendance at school is of course essential for children to maximise their educational opportunities. Interruptions in school attendance disrupts their education; make it difficult for them to catch up on missed work and feel settled and involved in school. It is the school’s responsibility to provide the best education possible. We can only do this if our children attend regularly. We monitor attendance on a regular basis and will contact you if your child’s attendance is causing a concern, to see if there are ways that we can support.

In line with UK law, the FAVSP group of schools’ policy is that absences must be arranged for during school holidays in all but exceptional circumstances.
If your child is taken out of school on at least 10 consecutive school sessions (five school days), you may face a fine from the local authority of £60 per parent per child this fine increases to £120 per parent per child if not paid within 21 days, and may result in prosecution if not paid within 28 days. Please note that this means those sessions either side of a weekend or school holiday will be counted as consecutive.

If you have any questions, you may find the answers in the school’s attendance policy, leave of absence protocol and Leave of absence request form, all of which are available on the school website.
If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance, please get in touch.

What's happened in school this week:

We welcomed a new pupil to school this week. Having re-located from Oldham to Frodsham, Olivia has joined Carroll Class and has been made to feel most welcome by the children in Year 2. 

We completed two very successful transition days on Monday and Tuesday, which saw the children working in their new classrooms. Despite Mrs Levey and Mrs Pye being absent from school, we manged to ensure all the children had a wonderful coouple of days. The chidlren has also chosen a name for their class which we will share with school families at the start of the new school year. The transition days also saw our new reception children for September spending time in school. It wa lovely welcoming them and presenting them all with a welcome gift. It is wonderful to report that we have 30 pupils joining us in September.

Mr Anstice lauched the summer reading challenge with the chidlren on Tuesday in assembly. This event is always a highlight of the year for many of the children to participate in. Look forward to seeing how many children have done when we return to school in September. 

Thursday saw us holding a very special end of term celebration assembly. Please see below which children were celebrated. As always it was a lovely way to celebrate the achievements of children here at school. 

What's made me smile in school this week:

Seeing 'banana smiles' on the faces of our new reception children for September during their transition days made me smile broadly.

Head Teacher Awards:

Phoebe (Carroll Class) for super reading of her chapter book.

Katie (Dahl Class) for her time telling skills in maths.

Martha and Jess (Lewis Class) for excellent interview shared with the class between the girl and Blue John.

Our end of term Head teacher's Award Superstars:


Milne Class: Frankie for her confidence; for her wonderful progress and for helping Mrs Hughes see school life from a completely different perspective.

Potter Class: Rocco for exceeding the staff's expectations every day and always maiking the staff laugh; for the progress made in all areas of learning and for his attitude to learning.

Carroll Class: Isaac for his complete commitment to learning; for his positive attitude and for the progress in his literacy skills.

Dahl Class: Nathan for being a bundle of energy; for his love of singing, dancing and performing, as well as always trying his best.  

Lewis Class: Marnie for her wondeful character strengths; for encourgaing and praising other around her and her super literacy skills. 

Shakespeare Class: Layla for her kind nature and beautiful manners; for her 'can-do' attitude and her thoughtfulness.

Tolkien Class: Alyssa for her enthusiasm for learning; for her inquisitive nature and for simply being unique.

Mrs Anstice's choice : Molly (Shakespeare Class) for her kindness, caring nature, looking out for others ans putting other people before herself.

Our end of term Kindness award superstars:


Milne Class: Ivy for being a little firecracker; for being a champion of faireness amd for beautiful manners. 

Potter Class: Emily W for her kindness to everyone and for for being a wonderful friend. 

Carroll Class: Thomas fo always helping his friends amd for bravery on the Llandudno residential visit. 

Dahl Class: Seb for always having a kind word; for making sure everyone is treated fairly and for not taking sides.

Lewis Class: Sophie O for lighting up the class with her smile; for lookong out for everyone and helping them.

Shakespeare Class: Erin for showing real consideration to others and for stepping out of her comfort zone.

Tolkien Class: Ryley for helping people without a fuss and for his kindness to his friends.

What we are looking forward to next week:

Sponsored Colour Run in aid of Claire House - Thursday 21st July at 2.15pm.

Parental Conferences - Tuesday 19th July - 9am to 11.30am

Year 6 Leavers Assemb;y - Wednesday 20th July @ 9am.

Year 6 Leavers lunch - Wednesday 20th July.

Year 6 Top Park and pizza treat - Thursday 21st July at 12 noon.

PTA Summer Fair - Thursday 21st July @ 3pm .


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8th July 2022

Ian Devereux-Roberts (IDevereux-Roberts) on: The Buzz

What's in the news:

We will be saying goodbye to Miss Read at the end of this school year. Having worked for us for two years following the completion of her undergraduate degree, she has secured a position as an Assistant Educational Psychologist with Flintshire Local Authority. We are absolutely thrilled for Miss Read as this is the career she wishes to pursue. I know the staff who have worked alongside her will miss her as will the young man in school she has been suppporting. Good luck Miss Read in your new role.

Please remember it it our two transition days on Monday and Tuesday next week. This means the children will be in their new classrooms for September working with their new staff. We will be also welcoming our new reception children for September across these two days too. We wish our Year 6 pupils good luck as they visit their respective high schools. 

What's happened in school this week:

Monday evening saw KS2 perform the fourth and final performance of Joseph - and what an excellent performance to end on. It has been wonderful receiving all the amazing reviews from the audience members who attended. It is no easy task getting 120+ children perform on stage but that is what happens at Manor House. each child played their own part in what a a truly wonderful production - all should be very proud of this achievement. I must pay credit to all members of staff who play their part in helping Mrs Anstice and I create the production but significant thanks and gratitude must be afforded to Mrs Anstice for all her hardwork and dedication over the past three months. I was so enormously proud of the children - they were all absolute superstars!! A gallery of photographs will be on the school website.


 We had a squad of gymastics representing our area this week in the Cheshire County finals at the Ellesmere Port Sports Village on Wednesday this week. Accompanied by Mrs Jay, Zac C (Year 6) and Ella (Year 4) competed in the individual competition, with Bella, James B-H, Minnie, Jack O and Jamsine competing in the team competiition. Great performances all round with Zac securing the silver medal position and the team securing the Spirit of the Games award. So very proud of all them. 

Year 6 visited the Frodsham Wind Farm on Wednesday this week and found out all about the size of the wind turbines and tested the wind speed down on the marshes. They also discussed the importance of renewable energy and tried out an ingenius way of measuring the height of the turbine - hence the strange looking poses. Thank you James for all your support on the visit.


In a busy week for year 6, they aslo took part in a Big Maths session at Helsby High School, organised by the Maths Department and the University of Liverpool. They had a great session tackling a range of maths challenges. 

What's made me smile in school this week:

The hive of activity that school is, at this time of the year, has made me smile - it has been over very busy week indeed.

Head Teacher Awards:

Harley and Chloe (Shakespeare Class) for completing their reading bookmarks.

Milo, Henry and Jenson (Carroll Class) for their super Llandudno 2022 recounts. 

Emily, Ted Bl and George T (Potter Class) for completing their reading bookmarks.

Luca, Innis, Noah and Rohan (Shakespeare Class) for their Scratch prgramme involving racing food!

Rose and Erin (Shakespeare Class) for their designing and building kite skills.

Jack O (Tolkien Class) for his focus in gymnastics.

Alex and Danny (Tolkien Class) for their teamwork skills in gymnastics. 

Jessie and Ava F (Tolkien Class) for their teamwork in gymnastics.

Jakob (Shakespeare Class) for being top doodler this week.

Matilda, Scott and George T (Potter Class) for their wonderful descriptions of 'Snooty Towers'. 

Nathan (Dahl Class) for setting the clock to o'clock times so confidently. 

Ella and Abi (Carroll Class) for their excellent diary writing.

Phoebe and Ckara (Carroll Class) for being kind and helpful to visitors in school today - adults commented on their manners.

Oscar (Shakespeare Class) for completing his reading bookmark.

Bruce, Alfie and Ella (Lewis Class) for completing their reading bookmarks.

Elliott M and Elliot H (Lewis Class) for their super gymnastics skills. 

Our Celebration Assembly Superstars:

Milne Class: James P for growing in confidence; for his super reading skills and for his enthusiasm towards learning.

Potter Class: Joshua M for his reading progress; for growing in confidence and for his love of learning.

Carroll Class: Eloise for settling in so well; making friends quickly and for confidently delivering her lines in the class assembly this week. 

Dahl Class: Harry for workign really hard; for his resilience and perseverance; Henry for his wonderful manners; for his art skills and for his resilience in reading and his progress.

Tolkien Class: Ava R for being a wonderful friend; for her dedication to learning and for her outstanding attitude. 

Our 'Spread the Happiness' Superstars:

The following children enjoyed a drink of hot chocolate and a biscuit, as they were chosen to receive the special 'Spread the Happiness' award this week:

Hannah and Lauren (Milne Class) for always looking out for one another.

Molly and Charlotte (Tolkien Class) for their willingness to help out so readily. 

Scarlett (Lewsi Class) for being very encouraging to everyone throughout Joseph.

Casper (Dahl Class) for being chosen by his peers for being supportive this week on many occasions.

Jack L (Shakespeare Class) for his fantastic, positive approach to assessements this week. 

Milo (Carroll Class) for stepping up in Carroll Class assembly and helping out when people were poorly. 

Ted Bl (Potter Class) for taking feedback on board and being really mature.

Happy Birthday:

In our Assembly we congratulated and signed Happy Birthday to Thomas (Milne Class), Erna, Mia, Ollie G, Casper, Jacob S, Aysha, Edie, Mrs levey and Mrs Kelly.` If you have celebrated your birthday this week, or are celebrating it over the half term break, then many happy returns from us too!

Winning House Team:

The winning team this week was Penrith - congratulations to everyone in blue team who accumulated 841 team points. Yellow team was in second position having accumulated 540 team points; green team was in third position having accumulated 496 team points and red team was in fourth position having 216 accumulated team points.

 What we are looking forward to next week:

Transition Days - Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th July.

Year 6 Leavers Party (Organised by parents) - Wednesday 13th July @7pm.  

End of Year Celebration Assembly - Thursday 14th July @9am

Spread the Happiness Day - Games 

PTA Own Clothes Day - Friday 15th July 

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