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Welcome to "The Buzz"! This is our weekly blog by My Devererux-Roberts which tells you about what has happened in school this week and what we are looking forward to during the following week. It is normally published on a Friday afternoon and is one of the options on the home page of the App for quick access. If you do not have the school app then search for "School Jotter" on your provider then once downloaded take the option for Frodsham Manor House School. 

The Buzz

24th September 2021

Ian Devereux-Roberts (IDevereux-Roberts) on: The Buzz

What's in the news:

I trust that all school families have received all the documentation concering the Parent Governor Election process. Following the receipt of three nominations, a ballot will now run until 12 noon on Thursday 7th October. On behalf of the Governing Body, I extend my thanks to Mrs Eagling, Ms Muggivan and Ms Scott for putting themsleves forward for this important role. Please take the time to vote and return the voting slips by the required date. 

Proofs of individual and family photographs have been sent home. Please follow the guidance to place your orders - either online or returing order envelopes to the school office.

Please can I remind all school families that at the start of the school day the main priority for the staff is to greet the children coming in and setting them off on their learning for the day. I would request that if messges need to be passed on to staff they are done via email to the members of staff directly or to the office email address. Equally, parents can come to the school office to leave a message for members of the school staff. I thank you in advance for your co-operation regarding this request.

As a school and a Governing Body, we prioritise the well-being of all members of the school staff. With this in mind, please can I request that school familes be mindful of when emails are being sent to staff. I would not exepct staff to reply to emails in unsociable hours, with all emails being replied to within an appropriate timeframe. - within 24 hours unless in exceptional circumstances. When phoning school to speak to members of staff, the school policy now is that staff will return a parental call at the end of the school day unless again in exeptional circumstances. I trust that school families support these requests. 

A small number of parents attended the PTA AGM this week and a number of fundraising events have been planned for the forthcomig school year. Please support these events if you possible can. 

What's happened in school this week:

On Wednesday, Tolkien Class enjoyed a fun-filled day with Ruth, who delivered a 'Chemistry with Cabbage' workshop. We were taught how to make our own chemical indicator (cabbage juice!) and we used this to test whether different household chemicals were acid, alkali or neutral. We learned that an acid is the opposite of an alkali, so if you add an acid to an alkali you get a neutral. It was lots of fun testing this out! We also enjoyed adding milk to acids, neutrals, and alkalis, and we quickly realised that it would curdle only in the acids. This 'curdling' is the first stage in digesting protein and one of the reasons why you have acid in your stomach. Ruth also taught us how copper coins like a 2p piece will go shiny in any acid - even lemonade!  Overall, Tolkien Class had a brilliant day and enjoyed undertaking lots of practical experiments.

An array of superheroes and villians invaded school on Monday and took control of Shakespeare Class. This was the launch of their topic, encapsulating a Spread the Happiness day too. It was fascinating hearing why particualar characters had been selected.

Bella and James, from Tolkien Class, undertook dodgeball training at Frodsham Leisure Centre this week and are now our Dodgeball Leaders for the forthcoming  school year. They will now deliver taster sessions to classes across KS2. They both had a grea afternoon learning how to be superb leaders. Thank you Mrs Dorrell - FAVSP SSCo - for training the leaders so well.

Following speeches, our new school council has been established for the coming year and have held their first meeting this week with Miss Fiddler. Various postions have been filled and i have already my first official letter from the councillors outlining their proposals for the year. I know they will be looking forward to school families supporting their ideas in order to raise money to undertake projects in school and for their nominated chariry - Cancer Research UK. Thanking you in advance for your support.

What's made me smile this week:

I had a wonderful afternoon in Milne Class this week which made me smile lots. Unfortunately, it appeared that a tiger had visited the classroom and caused a mess! The children undertook a range of activites to sort this very serious problem out.

Head Teacher Awards:

Ted Ba (Pottter Class) for being a superstar each and every day. 

Joshua G (Potter Class) for his superb work in letters and sounds.

Ava (Milne Class) for reading the children's names in Milne Class.

Jordie (Milne Class) for his enthusiasm for learning.

Lewis (Milne Class) for his wonderful tiger poster.

Lauren (Milen Class) for being brave and confident.

Jessica (Milne Class) for being kind to all her friends.

Ivy (Milne Class) for singing 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' so beautifully.

Leo, Erica, Harley and Rose (Shakespeare Class) for their superb superhero cape design.

Bethan (Lewis Class) for super expanded noun phrases in her descriptive writing.

Elliot M (Lewis Class) for excellent work using number lines to 10000.

Jaxon (Lewis Class) for super writing even when feeling poorly.

Jayvin (Lewis Class) for taking on board advice in literacy.

Thomas (Lewis Class) for being excellent at proof reading his work.

Hector (Dahl Class) for his super maths skills. 

Betsey (Dahl Class) for being super super brave.

Molly (Tolkien Class) for her wonderful use of dialogue to enhance her writing.

James B-H (Tolkien Class) for his excellent use of the passive voice in his writing.

Thomas and Henry (Carroll Class) for their excellent (if disgusting) diary entries.

Jordie (Milne Class) for not giving up and trying his best.

Niamh, Lewis, Joe, Samson and Jessica (Milne Class) for their excellent team work in completing the name reading challenge.

Holly-Rose (Potter Class) for her super Power Maths skills.

Joseph K (Shakespeare Class) for his excellent use of noun phrases in his writing.

Casper (Dahl Class) for excellent reasoning in maths.

Olivia (Dahl Class) for her wonderful attitude to learning. 

Noah, Layla and Luca (Shakespeare Class) for their wonderful 'Inside my Norse myth' compositions.

Heeya (Carroll Class) for her super poster designed and created at home during our 'Big Green' week.

Vade (Carroll Class) for his super troll description. 

Shakespeare Class for demonstrating excellent patience, listening and leadership skills, creativity and kindness as a play leader.

Nathan (Milne Class) for his bravery and determination.

Hannah (Milne Class) for her wonderful balance work.

Isla (Carroll Class) for fantastic work using number lines to 10000.

Rachel and grace (Lewis Class) for beautiful expression whilst reading in guided reading.

Ethan (Lewis Class) for excellent literacy work based on class book 'Gorilla'.

Emily D and Rocco (Potter Class) for wining the pots challenge this week.  

Our Celebration Assmebly Superstars:

Milne Class:  Harry for settling into school life so amazingly well; for his cheeky smile and for sharing his toys.

Potter Class: Matilda for setting a wonderful example to others and for trying as hard a she can with her learning.

Carroll Class: Jacob for being cheerful, smiling all the time and for his independence.

Dahl Class: Emily for being quietly confident; her excellent poster and for being an art superstar.

Lewis Class: Sophie J for her excellent manners; her kindness towards others and her independence.

Shakespeare Class:  Chloe for her perseverence in maths; her teamwork skills and being a positive member of Year 5.

Tolkien Class:  Jack C for checking in with people to see if they are ok; for his infectious smile and his enthusiasm for learning. 

Our 'Spread the Happiness' Superstars:


The following children joined Mr Devereux-Roberts for a drink of hot chocolate and a biscuit, as they were chosen to receive the special 'Spread the Happiness' award this week:

Sophie (Shakespeare Class) for the beautiful reasons she gave for her hero choice.

Katie (Dahl Class) for being a kkind and caring tray partner.

Ivy (Milne Class) for her beautiful singing.

Jenson (Carroll Class) for his wonderful manners and kind and helpful ways.

Olivia (Tolkien Class) for thinking of others and her enthusiasm in literact lessons.

Lily (Potter Class) for always smiling and trying his best.

Jaxon (Lewis Class) for trying hard all week in class and not giving up een when felling a little under the weather.

Lunchtime Top Table Superstars:

The following children, accompanied by a friend,  sat at the 'top table' on Friday 24th September 2021, as they had been chosen by the Midday Assistants for exemplary manners and behaviour at lunchtime:

Frankie (Milne Class); Nate (Potter Class); Ella (Carroll Class); Vianne (Dahl Class); Marnie (Lewis Class); Jack L (Shakespeare Class) and Aiden (Tolkien Class). 

Happpy Birthday:

We wished and sang Happy Birthday, in our special Celebration Assembly this week, to Holly-Jo, Zoe, Elizabeth, Alfie P, Amber and Will.  If you have celebrated your birthday this week, then many happy returns from us too!

Winning House Team:

The winning team this was Coniston - congratulations to everyone in Red Team who accumulated 2041 team points. Yellow team was in second position having accumulated 1297 team points; green team was in third position having accumulated 1217 team points and blue team was in fourth position having accumulated 1053 team points.

Sporting Achievements:

A squad of year 4 cricketers - Alex, Oli, Aidan, Ethan, Kian, Ellie, Paiton, Bethan, Fearne, Ruby elliot M and Alfie - took part in a FAVSP Diamond Cricket event at Kingsley Cricker Club on Friday afternoon this week. Super team spirit on display along with super cricket skills which resulted in the squad securing the bronze medal position. Congratulations to all members of the squad for representing the school so superbly.   

What we are looking forward to next week:

Milne Class - Home Learning meeting - Tuesday 29th September @ 6pm. 

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17th September 2021

Ian Devereux-Roberts (IDevereux-Roberts) on: The Buzz

What's in the news:

Following a recruitment process, I am delighted to inform school families that we have appointed a replacement for Mr McCarvell who retires from his role as Site Maintenance here at school on Friday 8th October. Mr Kompier will be taking on the role as our Site Maintenance Offcier from Monday 8th November. As a former parent, Mr Kompier know the school very well already and we are delighted that he will be joining the school team. 

Last week you received a letter concerning the Parent Governor vacancy we have here at school. The closing date for nominations is Tuesday. Sincerely hoping that we are able to fill this vacancy. if any parent is considering applying for the role and has any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me at school. 

What's happened in school this week:

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week we have had additional external gym equipment fitted in the school grounds. By using Sports Premium funding, this provision is an additional opportunity for the children  to be physically active during the course of the school day. It a big hit with the children!

To launch their new History topic for the new term, Year 4 had a sesnsational start this week as they came dressed as Ancient Greek citizens. They had an awesome day undertaking a range of activties. Huge thank you to parents for dressing their children so wonderfully well. 

Dahl Class have been undertaking their own investigations this week as part of their History topic and have immensely effectively in teams. Well done Year 3!

Shakespeare Class had a play leader training session this week with Many Dorrell - our FAVSP School Sports Co-ordinator. They now need to submit letters of application to become play leaders for the coming year. As play leaders they will deliver games activities to the younger children over lunchtime. 

Milne Class have had a fun week - making music for the first time and making potions! They did remind me not to drink the potion when I visited Milne Class which I thought was very kind of them!

Following the submission of letters of application and then a formal interview process, Miss Bedford and I are delighted to announce our Pupil Leadership Team for the forthcoming school year. Molly and Aiden have been appointed as our Pupil Leadership Amabassadors, with Zach B, Natalya, Ava F, Jack C and Will D appointed as Pupil Leadership Vice-Ambassadors. The process to select the Pupil Leadership team always is  a very difficult one as we are overwhelmed by the dedication of the chidlren applying for the roles and how they present themselves at interview. We are exceptionally proud of all of them. 

Following the taking of family and individual photographs by Academy, proofs will be sent home shortly for you to see. Please check book bags as this is where the proofs will be put once we have taken delivery of them.

Thank you for supporting Jeans4Genes Day on Friday. As a charity close to my heart, I extend my thanks for your donations. We will be sending over a donation of £400 to the charity which is a tremendous amount of money to have rasied. Thank you to the children from Applebees Pre-School who have passed over their donation which is inluded in the total amount of monet raised. 

What's made me smile this week:

Seeing the children commencing their new learning has made me smile lots this week and we even had an Ancient Greeks invasion in Lewis Clalss on Tuesday too. Those Ancient Greeks even tried to get me to taste some 'wine' they had made by crushing the grapes with their feet!!!!!!! 

Head Teacher Awards:

Joseph K (Shakespeare Class) for his success at his summer football academy.

Abi (Carroll Class) for her superb (but disgusting) 'How to be a Troll' writing.

Samson and Thomas C for completing the Wild Worls Summer reading challenge.

Thomas C (Lewis Class) for his excellent detail in his amths explanations.

Dara, Austin, Oscar, Harley, Leo, Euan, Noah, Joseph W-E, Chloe and George (Shakespeare Class) for their brilliance at being Anglo-Saxon invaders and settlers. 

James B-H (Tolkien Class) for completing the Wild World Summer reading Challenge.

Cosmo and Zoe (Potter Class) for winning the 'Guess the Pots' challenge.

Rowan, Jake, Ollie, Ted Bl, Scott and George B (Potter Class) for naming all the continents.

Rosa, Rose and Maya (Shakespeare Class) for their kindness to others.

Aysha, Layla and Tom (Shakespeare Class) for their accurate relative clauses writing.

Sophie (Shakespeare Class) for being 'Star of the Week' in gymnastics.

Erica (Dahl Class) for working hard in maths lessons.

Katie and Shane (Dahl Class) for answering lots of questions in their Life Education Session.

Alfie (Lewis Class) for his beautiful sketchbook.

Chloe (Shakespeare Class) for her perseverance with her maths work.

Daisy (Shakespeare Class) for her kindness towards others. 

Our Celebration Assmebly Superstars:

Milne Class: Nathan for being hard working; loving a challenge; always smiling and being a super reader already.

Potter Class: Jake for sitting beautifully; listening carefully and for getting on with his work

Carroll Class: Heeya for being a shining example to others; super writing skills and for her kindness.

Dahl Class: Sammuel for being hard working; a super listener and for his super historical knowledge.

Shakespeare Class: Erin for her confidence; her fantstic teamwork skills and for excellent demonstration in gymnastics.

Tolkien Class: Poppy for being determined, postive and a maths whizz!

Our 'Spread the Happiness' Superstars:

The following children joined Mr Devereux-Roberts for a drink of hot chocolate and a biscuit, as they were chosen to receive the special 'Spread the Happiness' award this week:

Joseph W-E (Shakespeare Class) for really mature ideas in the Life Education session.

Holly-Jo (carroll Class) for always being kind, caring and fair minded.

Amber (Tolkien Class) for being a lovely friend to those in need.

Hector (Dahl Class) for always having his hand up in lessons and showing enthusiasm.

Fearne (Lewis Class) for completing the morning maths challenge brilliantly and answering maths questions accurately.

Jessie (Potter Class) for being so enthusiastic and always coming into school with a big smile on her face.

Jessie (Milne Class) for her fabulous penguin waddle and always making Milne Class smile. 

Lunchtime Top Table Superstars:

The following children, accompanied by a friend,  sat at the 'top table' on Friday 17th September 2021, as they had been chosen by the Midday Assistants for exemplary manners and behaviour at lunchtime:

Sophia (Milne Class); Holly-Rose (Potter Class); Abi (Carroll Class); Erica (Dahl Class); Elliot H (Lewis Class); Jack L (Shakespeare Class) and Ryley (Tolkien Class) 

Happpy Birthday:

We wished and sang Happy Birthday, in our special Celebration Assmebly this week, to Ryley, Abigail S (Milne Class) and Zac R.  If you have celebrated your birthday this week, then many happy returns from us too!

Winning House Team:

Following the delivery of team captain speeches by members of Tolkien Class and a voting process across the school, I am pleased to announce the following:

Penrith (Blue Team) Captain: Natalya             Vice-captain: Freddie 

Coniston (Red Team) Captain: Minnie             Vice-captain: Alyssa 

Thirlmere (Green Team) Captain: Erin         Vice-captain: Olivia 

Grasmere (Yellow Team) Captain: Alfie          Vice-captain: Danny 

The winning team this was Penrith - congratulations to everyone in Blue Team who accumulated 1944 team points. Yellow team was in second position having accumulated 1847 team points; red team was in third position having accumulated 1775 team points and greem team was in fourth position having accumulated 1629 team points.

What we are looking forward to next week:


Year 5 'Spread the Happiness' Day - Superheroes and Villians - Monday 20th September 2021.

FAVSP Dodgeball training - Two Year 6 representatives - Tuesday 21st September 2021.

Chemistry with Cabbage - Tolkien Class - Wednesday 22nd September 2021.

Wider Opportunities Music Project commences with Shakespeare Class -Thursday 23rd September 2021 

Year 4 Diamond Cricket tournament - Squad of 12 from Lewis Class - Friday 24th September 2021 - Kingsley Cricket Club

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10th September 2021

Ian Devereux-Roberts (IDevereux-Roberts) on: The Buzz

What's in the news:

We send many congratulations to Mr and Mrs Bradbury - parents of Zach from Tolkien Class - on the recent birth of their beautiful daughter. We know Zach will be an awesome big brother.

Our new school mural, painted over the summer break by artist Sarah Corcoran, is a very much welcomed additional to our school environment. The children certainly think it is awesome.

Tolkien Class being able to meet their buddies last Friday afternoon proved an instant success and something we have not been able to do for over 18 months. Please view the glorious photgraphs on Twitter capturing this wonderful afternoon.

Please support the first fundraising event for the PTA this term. Please see details above. 

What's happened in school this week:

New learning has begun in all classes this week, some commencing with sensationa start activites. Curriculum overviews for the the term will be sent home next week so that you have an idea of the learning taking palce over the term. School visits are also being planned to support the learning due to take place.

Year 4 had a session, led by Mrs Mandy Dorrell, introducing them to Diamond Cricket on Wednesday afternooon this week. They demonstrated great skills and a squad willl now be selected to take part in a FAVSP Diamond Cricket Festival at the end of September in Kingsley.  

On Thursday morning we hald a very special Celebration Assembly for all the children in Milne Class. Joining remotely, the parents of the children in Milne Class had an opportunty to hear all about being in big school for a whole week. Congratulations Milne Class - we are all very proud of you.

After what has been a very long time, we have been able to resume taking children swimming, which is a statutory part of the PE curriculum here at school. This term year 6 will be swimming and they had their first  session on Friday afternoon and at a new venue for school - Ellesmere Port Sports Village. We had a very excited bus load of chidlren travelling to and from Ellesmere Port!

Following the delivery of speeches by children in Tolkien Class, the children in Year 1 to Year 6 have voted in their team captains and vice-captains.  I send my thanks to all the children from Tolkien Class who put themselves forward for these important roles. The result will be shared in assembly on Monday.

What's made me smile this week:

I think I have smiled continually since we welcomed the children back due to be being able to do what we 'normally' do in school. Delivering the first assembly in the hall, with all the chidlren, was a very special moment indeed as was seeing the chidlren playing with friends from different year groups. I am looking forward to smiling lots this school year!

Head Teacher Awards:

Erica and Chloe (Shakespeare Class) for their super investigative maths work.

Lily, Megan and George B (Potter Class) for winning the observation challenge.

James (Milne Class) for being so wonderful and brave all day. 

Jacob (Carroll Class) for fantastic independent maths work.

Hughie (Carroll Class) for his super missing number maths puzzles.

Heeya (Carroll Class) for making the most amazing start to Year 2.

Thomas (Carroll Class) for being very kind and helpful.

George (Carroll Class) for being helpful at lunchtime to the neew reception children at lunchtime. 

George B, Matilda, Maggie U, George T, Henry T, Alfie T, Bethia, Charlote, Lauren and Hannah for completing the Wild World Summer Reading Challenge 2021.

Cosmo. Rachel, Heeya, Abigail, Samuel B, Alby F, Choe, Dara and George for completing the Wild World Summer Reading Challenge 2021.   

Grace (Carroll Class) for her super Timothy Limpet sentences. 

Tom (Tolkien Class) for his perseverance with his maths work.

Charlotte (Tolkien Class) for her use of sarcasm and humour in her letter writing. 

Joe (Milne Class) for his super magnet investigation.

Skyler (Carroll Class) for  amazing contributions in literacy.

Erin and Harley (Shakespeare Class) for gaining 21/21 on 'Hit the Button'!

Jack L (Shakespeare Class) for his brilliant attitude to finisihing his maths.

Daisy (Shakespeare Class) for completing challenge 2 in her Maths work.

Kamran and Abigail (Milne Class) for their excellent team work skills in maths. 

Jack B (Milne Class) for his super signing in assembly.

James T (Milne Class) for his super maths skills.

Zac C and James Bl (Tolkien Class) for their super team captain speeches.

Noah, Layla and Aysha (Shakespeare Class) for their creative poetry writing skills.

Roco (Potter Class) for his superb Power Maths skills - grouping objects. 

Ollie and freddie (Carroll Class) for their super handwriting practice.

Leo (Shakespeare Class) for getting on brilliantly with his poem after missing two days of school.

Erna (Carroll Class) for her wonderful character description in literacy.

Jenson (Carroll Class) for his fantastic work on representing numbers.

Sophie J (Lewis Class) for her accurate rounding skills in maths.

Rachel (Lewis Class) for answering lots of historical questions.

Noah (Tolkien Class) for supporting his buddy Daniel when visiting Tolkien Class.

Daniel (Milne Class) for being very brave when visiting Tolkien Class with his buddy Noah. 

Luciana ( Dahl Class) for her superb setting description in literacy.

Our Celebration Assmebly Superstars:

Milne Class: Jack for the determination he has shown during his first full week in school.

Potter Class: Nate for taking part in tough tray challenges and participating enthusiastically. 

Carroll Class: George for settling in superbly and being so helpful to others. 

Dahl Class: Barnaby for being super smart and settling into KS2 so well.

Lewis Class: Elliot H for settling in superbly and great work in maths an literacy.

Shakespeare Class: Austin for his super poetry work, confidence and positvity.

Tolkien Class: Zach B for demonstrating a sensible and matue attitude to his learning.

Our 'Spread the Happiness' Superstars:

The following children joined Mr Devereux-Roberts for a drink of hot chocolate and a biscuit, as they were chosen to receive the special 'Spread the Happiness' award this week:

Sophia (Milne Class) for being so kind to her friends.

Scott (Potter Class) for having lovely manners ans showing such enthusiasm for learning. 

James (Carroll Class) for always being ready to answer questions amd try his best.

Mila (Dahl Class) for settling in so well into school life.

Jayvin (Lewis Class) for excellent manners and showing consideration.

Daisy (Shakespeare Class) for being so bubbly and sharing her jokes with Mrs levey when reading.

Danny (Tolkien Class) for making Tolkien Class smile with his lovely semse of humour.

Lunchtime Top Table Superstars:

The following children, accompanied by a friend,  sat at the 'top table' in the dining hall on Friday 10th September 2021, as they had been chosen by the Midday Assistants for exemplary manners and behaviour at lunchtime:

Daniel (Milne Class); Arla (Potter Class); Freddie (Carroll Class); Sophie (Dahl Class); Paiton (Lewis Class); Jakob (Shakespeare Class) and Amber (Tolkien Class) 

Happpy Birthday:

We wished and sang Happy Birthday, in our special Celebration Assmebly this week, to Arla-Rai, Adam, Molly H, Hannah A and Lauren A. If you have celebrated your birthday this week, then many happy returns from us too!

What we are looking forward to next week:

Sensational start - Ancient Greeks - Lewis Class -  Tuesday 14th September 

Life Education sessions - Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th September.

Play Leader Training - Wednesday 15th September - Shakespeare Class

Indivdual and Familt Photographs - Thursday 16th Septembr

Jeans4Genes Day - Friday 17th September 

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20th July 2021

Ian Devereux-Roberts (IDevereux-Roberts) on: The Buzz

What's in the news:


What's happened in school this week:

Miss Kelly, Miss Bedford and I were delighted to present Carroll Class with their school ties on Monday this week. The goal for Year 2 is to practise tieing their ties in preparation for September and life in KS2. Thanking Year 2 families in advance for undertaking this practising!

It wsa lovely having the opportunity on Monday to have a special farewell assembly on the school field in order to say goodbye to Miss Atkin . We wish Miss Atkin much success and happines in her new role. Miss Atkin is keeping her fingers crossed, as you can see in one of the photgraphs, that one day she may be able to retrun to the teaching staff here at school as she adored being part of the Frodsham Manor House family. 

Meet our maginificant 12, who have either been with us since they started in Milne Class or have joined us a long the way, remained 'Good to be Green' for the duration of the time they have been with us What a wonderful achievement! 151 children also received a 'Good to be Green' certificate for remaining green for this current school year. Super well done. 

Having chosen their leavers meal, Year 6 enjoyed consuming it in the school hall on Monday this week. Thank you Mrs Morgan for all your hard work in getting it just right!

A message from Mrs Hughes, Mrs brook, Miss Hopley, Miss Read and Mrs Wilkinson-Dean

Firstly, we just wanted to say what a wonderful year we have had with the children in Milne Class. It's been such a privilege to be a part of their very first year of school and we have enjoyed every moment. It may not have been the year we all imagined, but the children have done us all proud with their amazing resilience and strength of character. This will always be a year to remember for many reasons!

Please enjoy their class assembly and help us celebrate the wonderful achievements and the amazing memories we have made this year.

One final thing we did on Tuesday morning was to present Miss Kelly with a special book and gift as during the summer break she will be marrying her partner in Derry, Northern Ireland. We wish her and Matt the most wonderful day possible.

We wish all our Year 6s the very best of luck as they move on to their respective high schools. Begin the next stage of your journey with confidence and dream big!

What's made me smile this week:

The glorious weather on the very last two days, on what has been a very challenging year for us all, has made me smile lots.

Winning House Team:

The winning house team this week was Penrith. Congratulations to everyone in blue team who accumulated 671 points. Red team was in second positiion with 574  points. Yellow team was in third position with  361 points and green team was in fourth position with 313 points.

For the summer term blue team was the overall winner with 38 bars; red team second with 33 bars; yellow team third with 21 bars and green team fourth with 19 bars. 

For the school year 2020-2021, Penrith is the wining team with 77 bars. Super congratualtions blue team! Red team was only just second with 66 bars; green team was third with 45 bar and yellow team fourth with 44 bars. 

Our End of summer term Celebration Assembly Superstars:

Milne Class: Ted Ba for his positive attitude to learning, his endless enthusiasm and his thirst for learning.

Potter Class: Phoebe for her committed attitude to learning and her determination to succeed.

Carroll Class: Isaac for being the most kind, caring and determined young man and for never failing to give his absolute best. 

Dahl Class: Bruce for his fantastic personality. sensitivity and his super mathematical capabilities.

Lewis Class: Jakob for being the class handyman; for his excellent verbal reasoning skills and his positive attitude.

Shakespeare Class: Molly for being a kind, thoughtful and hardworking young lady and for being a fantastic friend.

Tolkien Class: George for his outstanding attitude to learning; his determination to do his best and for working hard on his handwriting.

Mrs Anstice's choice: Rosi (Tolkien Class) for trying her very best with every sort of task; for presenting work beautifully and contirbuting to group and whole class dicussions so superbly 

Our End of term Kindness Superstars:

Milne Class: George B for putting other people first and his impeccable manners. 

Potter Class: Hughie for making everyone laugh and for being so very helpful.

Carroll Class: Albie for growing in confidence; for his teamwork skills and for always offering to help.

Dahl Class: Jess for being funny, friendly, bubbly and  for making people feel hapy. 

Lewis Class: Joseph W-E for taking time to offer compliments to others and his lovely friendships.

Shakespeare Class: Zach B for his kindness towards adults and his impeccable manners. 

Tolkien Class: Harry for being a lovely friend to everyone.

Happy Birthday:

We sished and signed Happy Birthday in our Friday assembly this week to Oscar H, Alfie R, Rosa, Ellie S, Tobijah, Joseph K, Nathan S, Taya, James B-H, dara, Jaxon, Marnie, Danny, Harry J, Ethan, Luke E, Mia B, Jamie, Holly-Rose, Jacob F, Sam M, Marcus, Rosi, Natalya, Ella C, Alyssa, Sophie J, Jessie R and Betsey. If you have celebrated your birthday this week, or are celebrating it over the summer break, then many happy returns to you from us too!

We also Birthday wishes to Miss Read, Mrs Read, Miss Hall and Mrs Whittaker who will be celebrating their very special day during the summer break 

What are we looking forward to next week:


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16th July 2021

Ian Devereux-Roberts (IDevereux-Roberts) on: The Buzz

What's in the news:

Congratulations to Will, Freddie, Aiden and Alfie (Shakespeare Class) for their success, playing for Frodsham Juniors, in the Kops and Kids Tournament last weekend. having come second in their group they progressed through to the semi-fianls and won their match following a penalty shootout. A 1-0 win the final resulted in them lifting the trophy. They were extremely delighted with their success when sharing the news back in school. 

What's happened in school this week:

Transition day took place on Monday and saw the children working in their new classes and with their new staff. It was lovely seing how well the day went and how much the children had enjoyed working in their new classrooms. 

Our new reception children - Milne Class 2021 - have also spent time in school this week working with the staff who will be teaching them in September. 29 very happy children enjoyed their visit and left with a very special gift bag containing a card, book and special teddy. We are all looking forward to welcoming the class properly in September. 

Year 4 shared their class assembly this week. Please access the link below to hear about the learning that has taken place in Lewis Class.

With the help of Mrs Deegan, Dahl Class held a wedding party for Miss Kelly on Wednesday afternoon. What a lovely surprise it was for Miss Kelly and what a lovely afternoon it was for everyone. Miss Kelly will be getting married during the summer break having had to postpone it on two previous occasions. We are all very excited for Miss Kelly and her future husband.

Our Year 6 Leavers Assembly took place on Friday morning via the virtual route. As always this event evokes many memories and feelings and our 2021 Year 6 class provided us with a wonderful assembly. Thank you Year 6 for just being you!

July and August birthdays were celebrated on Friday afternoon and brings to a conclusion our celebration of birthdays in this way. It has been lovely being able to enjoy the birthday afternons with the chilldren. 

What's made me smile this week:

The children enjoying their transition day on Monday made me smile lots as did the Year 6 leavers assembly on Friday.

Head Teacher Awards: 

Rohan (Lewis Class) for his super 'Flouanite' composition.  

Isaac (Lewis Class) for his super 'Moonstone Ashley' composition. 

Marcus and Zane (Tolkien Class) for their assmebly contributions.

Oscar (Tolkien Class) for his football achievements with Frodsham Juniors. 

Marnie (Dahl Class) for completing here reading bookmark.

Noah (Shakespeare Class) for the super progress in his writing this term

Zac (carroll Class) for his super use of descriptive language in his diary writing.

Casper (Carroll Class) for his super problem solving skills in maths.

Erna, Heeya and Abi (Potter Class) for their beautiful bookmarks made at home folowing transition day in Year 2.

Seb (Carroll Class) for his perseverance in writing.

Sophie (CArroll Class) for her independent research undertaken at home.

Danny, Luke, Molly and Charlotte (Shakespeare Class) for their super group drama based on 'Dragons Den'.

Emily (Carroll Class) for her super letter of persuasion and poster.

Layla (Lewis Class) for making Miss Fiddler and Mrs Allen so proud on how her confidence has developed so much over the course of the year.

Jack J, Erin, Tom, Aysha, Chloe, Layla, Dara, Rosa, George and Rose (Lewis Class) for their fantastic Blue John inspired stories. 

George and Barnaby (Milne Class) for working hard on making a bracelet and then counting the beads used. 

Our 'Spread the Happines' Superstars: 

Emily W (Milne Class) for making Miss Keys feel so welcome in Milne Class)

Erin ((Lewis Class) for her thoughtful insights on gender stereotype challenges.

Ruby (Dahl Class) for coming to check in on the Year 2s to see of they were ok on transitiion day.

Ava R (Shakespeare Class) for being wondefully kind to others.

Thomas (Potter Class) for lovely attitude towards spread the happiness days.

Erica (Carroll Class) for amazing contributions to book discussion.

Friday Dine with a Friend:

The following chidlren, accompanied by a friend, sat at a special dining table in their classroom, on Friday 16th July 2021, as they had been chosen by he Midday Assistants for exemplary manners and behaviour at lunchtime:

 Bethia (Milne Class) Elliot, Ethan and Bruce (Dahl Class); James B-H and Jessie (Shakespeare Class) and Isla (Tolkien Class) 

What are we looking forward to next week:

End of term Celebration Assembly - Monday 19th July @ 9.10am.

Year 6 Leavers Meal - Monday 19th July @ 12 noon.

Farewell Assembly - Monday 19th July @ 1.30pm 

Break for Summer - Tuesday 20th July (Families A - H @ 1.15pm and Familes I-Z @ 1.30pm) 

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