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Catch Up Premium

The money allocated to school will be directed specifically at those pupils who have been deemed to have been adversely affected by the interruption to their learning.

Following analysis of gaps in learning, when the children returned to school in September, a vulnerable list of children from each class were identified as requiring additional literacy and/or numeracy support in order to address gaps in learning.

It was felt that the staff who know the children the best, needed to deliver the intervention ‘recovery’ sessions – with these staff members being the class teacher and class based support assistants. Consequently, as of October a PE coach was employed to work with all year groups. Taking half the class at a time for a PE session once a week, the coach will deliver the PE curriculum whilst the teaching and support staff delivered the bespoke recovery programme. They then had their PE experience for the other half of the session.

This recovery programme was planned to operate for the full academic year. Spring Term 2021 has seen a break in the programme, although it has resumed as of March 2021 and will be delivered in the Summer Term 2021.

In addition, the recovery programme will see a member of the teaching staff working with individuals and groups of children identified as requiring additional support during the Summer Term 2021. For three days a week, the member of the staff will work across all year groups offering bespoke teaching support. This commitment in the Summer Term will see school allocating more money than has been received as part of the catch-up premium grant.

Based on baseline data acquired at the start of the school year, along with termly assessment points, and final data outcomes an assessment of the programme and impact of individual children will be made. It is through a robust assessment of the programme and its impact on an on-going term by term basis, which is already an integral part of the school’s assessment regime, will allow school to plan beyond the current school year and continue to support those pupils who require that additional support .