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Ed Sheeran Class

Mrs Jay is our teacher in Year Four. Mrs Deegan and Miss Islam also helps us out with our work.  We have Mrs Anstice on Wednesday mornings. We have some great themed days in Year Four and have enjoyed a Toga party as well as other Spread The Happiness Days. 

Our Big Questions in Year 4 include;

  • How have the Ancient Greeks impacted our lives today? 
  • How do wooden mechanical toys work? 
  • How did the Roman Empire impact Britain? 
  • How do landscapes across the world differ? 

Who is Ed Sheeran? 

The world famous singer-songwriter began writing music aged 11 and hasn’t looked back. He has sold more than 150 million records, making him one of the world’s biggest selling music artists. He has collaborated with artists such as Elton John, Taylor Swift and Stormzy. He is incredibly charitable and has donated significantly to initiatives such as No Cold Homes campaign, Suffolk Community foundations and School Meals For Children.