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This page will be updated as part of our curriculum review 2022/23 expected Spring Term 2023. 

Mrs Levey is our curriculum lead for Art. 

Our art plan is based on the Cheshire Scheme of Work for Art and adapted to meet the needs of our children. As such, our curriculum is constantly evolving. 

Our Intent for Art

 At Frodsham Manor House we believe that art lessons should give children the opportunity to develop their creativity and imagination. In lessons, children not only develop their art skills but also have the opportunity to express themselves, their feelings and their individuality through art. By the time children leave school, we aim for children to not only have developed an enjoyment of using a range of art materials, but to also have developed an appreciation of some of the great artists.  

Our Implementation for Art

Our school focusses on children becoming aware of different artists and developing their own skills through the use of sketch pads and final pieces of artwork. Children use sketchbooks throughout their time at school. This allows them to develop skills of experimenting with different ideas and techniques and evaluating their own work, with the opportunity to revisit their ideas. Our children’s artwork is celebrated throughout school, with displays in classrooms and around school, with children developing pride in their own artwork and achievements.  

During their time at Manor House, children focus on developing nine key skill areas: drawing, digital media, 3D design, painting, printing, textiles and collage ensuring they cover a range of these in each year group. In addition to this, they build their skills in exploring and evaluating artistic ideas and are given opportunities to study the work of famous artists in every year group. As well as developing these key skill areas, children also have many opportunities to show their art skills in other curriculum areas such as history.   

Our Impact  for Art

As a result of our art curriculum, children will have experience in producing and evaluating their own creative work and will have developed their artistic skills indrawing, digital media, 3D design, painting, printing, textiles and collage. They will also have an awareness of artists they have studied during their time at school, being able to draw on these experiences to influence their own ideas. Children will also be able to use art to express themselves and their feelings.  

Additional opportunities for art include working with artists in residence, art workshops with other local schools, Christmas Tree Festival and Advent Boxes, Photography workshop, International Projects, Fair Trade. We also have a Key Stage One and two art and craft club during different terms.