Our Vision

Hand in hand we imagine,

we believe and we achieve at the heart of our community. 



Imagine a creative, thinking school, a hub for excellence, a school which embraces the world in which we live.

Imagine a school which prepares its children to respect and contribute to our society with regular opportunities for community and worldwide participation.

Imagine a school taking brave steps towards ownership of a creative curriculum which empowers its pupils and values natural curiosity through enquiry.

Imagine a school where every child achieves their potential by unlocking their skills and talents enabling all to become lifelong learners.

Manor House is committed to bringing our imagined vision to today’s reality.


We believe every child matters and learning should be fun, purposeful and challenging.

We believe our children achieve their potential by the unlocking of their skills and talents enabling all to have a passion for life.

We believe our children to be individuals and work in partnership with our families to mould them into reflective critical thinkers, health aware, confident, caring pupils with ever widening horizons.

We believe in the importance of British, Environmental and Global Values. We share our lives with children around the world, challenging assumptions and changing lives providing our children with a sense of stewardship.

We believe we have a creative staff team who inspire one another, at the forefront of national initiatives and are open to new ideas.

Manor House is committed to our belief that our school is unique.




We achieve our unique school through a smiling, safe environment where children are enthusiastic individual learners.

We achieve strong partnerships with our stakeholders and external organisations, learning from each other.

We achieve well rounded pupils through a wide range of enrichment activities which are exciting and meaningful.

We share our achievements, we value our mistakes, we help one another along our learning journey.

We celebrate your child’s moments of achievement and share their reasons for coming to school with a smile. We are in the business of creating memories and self-esteem which lasts a life time.

Manor House is committed to inspirational teaching, developing learners who are proud of all which they achieve.


  • We respect everyone
  • We take part in our community and our world
  • We ask questions and think deeply to find answers
  • We design our learning with our teachers
  • We love learning


  • We are all special
  • We care
  • We make healthy choices
  • We value our country, our world and look after the environment
  • We learn how to love life


  • We are happy
  • We take part
  • We celebrate
  • We feel safe and enjoy coming to school
  • We make memories together

Imagining, Believing and Achieving.

All of this we do, hand in hand.