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Rainbow Flag Week

19th -23rd April 2021


Rainbow Flag week was lots of colourful fun but with an important message about inclusion, diversity, equality and raising awareness of LGBT+. The week was one of many steps which we will be taking on our journey to achieve the Rainbow Flag Award and meets all requirements of the updated Sex and Relationships Education requirements. As a "No Outsiders" school we firmly believe that no one is the same and everyone is equal. "No Outsiders" lessons enable some great discussions about the protected characteristics in the Equality Act including sexuality and gender. 

We have used some really helpful resources this week from The Rainbow Flag Award and "Pop n Olly" alongside our "No Outsiders" books. 

There were lots of craft activities advocating positive messages throughout the week which enabled conversations about LGBT+ like learning about The Rainbow Flag and the symbolism of the colours. Lessons included:

  • Finding out about the whole range of family units
  • The history of Pride and The Stonewall Inn
  • The correct terms for LGBT+
  • Differences between sexuality and gender
  • What is love
  • Polari (language used by the gay community when it was illegal to be gay)
  • How to show kindness
  • Recognising and challenging discrimination
  • Stories about differences, belonging, empowerment and LGBT+ role models
  • How everyone should be treated with respect

Pupil expressing their views about Rainbow Flag week, equality and some words of support from Mike Amesbury our MP. #changemakers


Year 6 had a visit by Mike Amesbury who is our local MP. He listened to our equality speeches, recorded a message for our video, found out about "No Outsiders" and answered some of our questions about The Equality Act, discrimination and what it is like to be an MP. 


Quotes on our Twitter feed.

"What a gorgeous way to celebrate inclusion and to teach our children about kindness! Well done Manor House."

"They have learnt so much about equality, love and kindness. So proud of our girls and our school."

(Pupil) "has been teaching us so much about kindness and equality."

"So happy our school are doing this. No one is too young to learn about kindness, fairness and equality."


Collective Worship this week was also on the same theme. We learnt about the power of words, the qualities of being human, fair and unfair rules, The Equality Act, being ourselves and how Andrew Moffat started "No Outsiders". 


The week was launched with us all dressing as the colours of the rainbow and ended with facepaints and accessories. 

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Be proud of who you are, who you have been and who you will become.

Hold your head up high, ignore people who hate, you are you and you are beautiful.

Accept yourself as you are, shine bright like a star, stand out from the crowd, stand tall, stand proud.

You are celebrated and you are loved. Who cares what you look like or who you love.

Shout "This is me! Take me as I am!" You are you and you are beautiful.

Don't shut yourself away and hide, live your life in the light and do it with pride.