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Wedding 2019


10th July 2019

Frodsham Methodist Church


Our annual Key Stage One wedding has been held at Frodsham Methodist Church with a cast from Carroll Class. The wedding takes place each summer as part of our RE curriculum on Life Events and links to Relationships Education. Pupils work together to design the vows and write a poem about what they think love is. They also pick the theme of the wedding, this year it was Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley and select music to match. The bridal party entered to Harry's Wonderous World and exited to Little Mix's Black Magic. Our songs were The Magic Penny, Rewrite the Stars and This Little Light of Mine. We almost had a Runaway Bride (due to illness) but a new bride stepped in with 15 minutes notice. Thank you to all our of families who dressed for the occasion and the lunchtime staff who decorated and provided a themed dinner for our reception. 

What is Love?
Love is something you find which shouldn’t be broken (Sophie)
Love is all about showing kindness (Innis)
Love is the best thing in the world. (Oscar)
Love is a heart shining away in a dark night sky (Rose)
Love is brave and shows you how to take risks (Chloe)
Love is calm and peaceful. (Aysha)
Love is the best you can be. (Erin)
Love is a spark from God’s heart. (Pearl)


Love is just lovely. (Erica)
Love is cherry crumble ice cream. (Noah)
Love is about caring for others. (Layla)
Love is far more than you think or dream. (Harley)
Love is something to fight for and you should never let go. (Maya)
Love is to help you find the way home. (Rosa)
Love is magical. (Jack L)
Love is the biggest present to give and to have. (Austin)
Love is everything you need. (Rohan)


Love makes the earth feel better. (Kayleigh)
Love is a wonderful gift from God. (George)
Love is something special to make people happy. (Jack J)
Love is a magical super power. (Tom)
Love is expensive like diamonds but also free as a smile (Luca)
Love is a happy ending. (Euan)
Love is finding dreams to share,
You should share your love,
Everyone in the world wants to love and be loved.

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Ginny I promise to be at your side through good and bad times
Harry I promise that I will carry your wand wherever we go
Ginny I promise to bring you chocolate frogs for breakfast
Harry I promise to protect you from bad things
Ginny I promise to have future witches and wizards with you
Harry I promise to never put a spell on you which you don’t like
Ginny I promise to never control your feelings through a spell
Harry I promise to never prank you again
Ginny I promise to stick up for you
Harry I promise to take the bins out every week
Ginny I promise to help you through happy and sad times
Harry I promise to not play Wizard Chess
Ginny I promise to not play Snakes and Ladders
Both I promise to love you forever.