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Pupil Premium

Some children and their families may benefit from a Government funding scheme called Pupil Premium.

Eligible pupils, who also receive free school meals, may benefit from an additional £1,385 which is given as a grant to the school. We spend the money in a variety of ways aligned with the DfE’s  ‘menu of approaches’  based on the following three tiers:


At Frodsham Manor House Primary School, we decide as a school which way to spend this money ensuring that we have the greatest impact on removing barriers to learning. The school Governors and senior leaders challenge the school to ensure we use the money to the best advantage of these children and an allocated Governor evaluates the work being undertaken and its impact. As a school community, we are passionately committed to helping every child achieve their full potential, regardless of background or ability.

Each child is supported differently depending on need. The funding is used to provide a range of academic, enrichment and educational support depending on each child’s requirements. This can included:

  • Additional 1:1 or group support for identified need within the curriculum (for example a maths support group to focus on identified gaps in learning)
  • Wellbeing and nurture based interventions lead by trained professionals.
  • Subsidised funding of residentials and educational visits.
  • Support to attend events outside of school for example sporting fixtures that open the children’s eyes to new experiences.
  • Subsidised breakfast and after school care to support good school attendance.
  • 1:1/small group tutoring
  • Quality training and support for our teachers/teaching assistants.
  • Support to improve attendance if a concern.
  • Use of technology to support learning within the classroom.
  • Support with purchasing school uniform.

Statutory Entitlement Free School Meals

The introduction of Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) does not take away the statutory entitlement of some children to a free school meal throughout their school life which they may be eligible for due to the receipt of certain family benefits and support.

Universal Infant Free School Meals is for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

Pupil Premium is not the same as UIFSM and can help to ensure funding for meals beyond the infant phase into Year 3 with all eligible children receiving funding from entry to school or from the point of assessment.

If you think your child may be eligible, please visit the Cheshire West and Chester website here.

Academically Able Pupils

The pupil premium is not based on ability. Research shows that the most academically able pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds are most at risk of under-performing. At Frodsham Manor House, we ensure that academically able children are still supported to achieve their full potential by challenging them effectively and in a sustainable way.


If you would like to find out more information about Pupil Premium please contact the school office.


Pupil Premium Strategy 2023-2026 (Updated Dec 23)