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Design Technology

Mrs Pye is the curriculum lead for DT.

We are in an exciting year of developing our curriculum provision at Frodsham Manor House. The curriculum webpages are being updated on a rolling program during the Autumn Term 2019.

This DT page  is from Summer 2019.


Year 1 (Potter Class) 

Can you use equipment safely and make a healthy Pirate Punch?

Can you design and make a toy?

Can you design and make a rocket ship?

Can you choose materials and build an animal a home in our forest area? 

Year 2 (Carroll Class) 

What is the best technique for joining fabric together to make a puppet?

What ingredients could you include in a sandwich to make it healthy and appealing?

How can an axle and wheels be fitted to the chassis of a vehicle?

Year 3 (Dahl Class)

Can we make some soft trousers for Ug?

How can you design and make a Stonehenge cake? 

Can you build a UK landmark? 

Year 4 (Lewis Class)

How can we make healthy choices for our bodies?

What materials make a good structure?

Which materials work well together?

Year 5 (Shakespeare Class)

How can I safely combine ingredients to make my own Aztec food product?

What materials can I combine to make a Viking long ship?

What mechanical components make an effective mechanical vehicle?

Year 6 (Tolkien Class)

What ingredients did the Victorians select from to make their favourite dishes?

Which textiles make the best Christmas decorations?

How can we produce the strongest bridge using a limited range of materials?