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The term sex and relationships education – SRE – is used  at Manor House rather than sex education. This is to stress that our approach goes beyond provision of biological information to also focus on clarifying attitudes and values, and developing self esteem and the skills to manage relationships.

Good quality SRE is mindful of children’s early experiences and is based upon their developmental and expressed needs. It provides consistent messages, is on-going and progressive and supports children’s confidence and self esteem as they move from childhood to adulthood. It helps them to understand themselves, negotiate their relationships and prepare them for adulthood. It should prepare them for sexual and emotional relationships and provide sufficient information to resist pressure, have a sense of their rights and to enable them to protect themselves. Good quality SRE involves a partnership which includes the school, the home and outside agencies.

Sex and Relationship Education is taught throughout the school and builds on our PSHE provision. Sessions are designed each year with the maturity of the class in mind and the plan below is a guide only.  Lessons include a anonymous question box in years 4-6, not all questions will be answered if not appropriate for the maturity of the class. We talk to the children about guidelines for SRE which includes information on distancing techniques, confidentiality and when it is important to tell someone else.  We notify parents/guardians when we are preparing to have our three specific lessons in years 4-6 with an option to see the resources  and planning we use. There is also a right of withdrawal for SRE. 

Recepton -  My family and friends

Year 1 - How can I be a good friend, belonging to my family, same and different, naming body parts

Year 2 - What is love, designing a ritual, KS1 wedding

Year 3- As part of our work on The Rights of the Child we look at different types of bullying, challenging gender stereotypes and celebrate difference and diversity

Year 4 - How babies are made, how babies grow in the womb, how a baby is born and cared for

Year 5 - What is puberty includes how to ask for help and advice

Year 6 - Unit of work based on questions from the pupils includes keeping safe, risk taking, peer pressure, new relationships. May include recap on puberty, what is sexual intercourse.  (Families are notified of the content requested once children have submitted questions.) 

Pupils in Years 4-6 will have be watching episodes on DVD from BBC and Channel Four both highly recommended for ages 7-11. 

Mrs Anstice has a Post Graduate Certificate in PSHE with a focus on Sex and Relationships Education. She delivers SRE throughout the school.  We are also a Stonewall Champion School.  

If you would like further information do arrange to talk to Mrs Anstice and you can also download our SRE policy here.