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India Red Roses

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18-25th November 2017

Red Roses School, Gurgaon near Delhi, India


Manor House have been working with partnership with Red Roses School for RE projects over the last four years. We were delighted this year to accept their invitation to visit to develop our partnership further. Mrs Anstice is researching Global Learning opportunities in Religious Education this year with The Farmington Institute, Harris Manchester College, Oxford so this was an excellent opportunity to develop her understanding of Hinduism and experience events and places which she will then be creating resources from. The visit was timed to include a special wedding invite for Mr Devereux-Roberts and Mrs Anstice to attend the wedding of the Head Teacher's son.

There will be a number of pages on the website relating to this visit, which will be used as a resource for RE teaching.  This first page is all about Red Roses School. 



Year 3 sent some questions for older students to answer.  Their responses are below. 

The whole school helped to welcome us and taught us about Hinduism. Everywhere we went there were pupils ready to give a presentation about a particular deity (God/Goddess) and classrooms were decorated as temples to honour that particular deity. We were told stories of the Gods and given examples of how a follower may worship them through different ceremonies and gestures and also taught about different symbols and festivals of Hinduism. We also visited an art exhibition by the pupils made entirely from recycled materials and enjoyed watching a display of classical dance and listened to different songs. It was an amazing introduction to Hinduism with lots of new information for Mr Devereux-Roberts and Mrs Anstice to take in. All pupils who gave a memorised speech also gave us a card with all the information on so we can use it as a resource back at school. 

With thanks to Ritu (Head Teacher), Trustees, Savita and Pankaj (pictured with trophies) who looked after us so well, organising a whole team of dedicated staff throughout the week. 

Here are some KS2 RE challenge questions based on these photographs:

1) Find the photograph of a shrine. What do the wooden shoes represent? 

2) Find the photograph of six boys in a semi-circle with another in the middle (also in the film). They are acting a story about Krishna and his friends. Can you research a story about Krishna to develop as a drama with your group and share with the class? 

3) In which photograph are Mrs Anstice and Mr Devereux-Roberts finding out about a sacred sound and symbol? Can you find an example online of this as a mantra? How does it make you feel? 

4) Which photograph connects these words; heroic, devotee of Rama, courage, strong, loving, brave, mace and Ramayana?

5) Find the photograph where we are finding out about Holi.  What do you think pupils at Red Roses do to celebrate Holi?

6) Find the photo of Lord Shiv meditating at the top of a mountain. What is meditation?

7) In a few of the photos you may notice that Mr Devereux-Roberts and Mrs Anstice have red marks on their foreheads and string on their wrists. Why? 

8) 3 Girls are in a corridor ready to tell us about three Goddesses, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati. What can you tell me about the symbolism in their pictures? 

9) Find the example of Rangoli, then design your own enquiry question to find out more. 

10) Which photograph makes you think "I wonder" or you feel curious about? How could you research your own enquiry? 


One classroom was a temple for Ganesh. We will be using these resources in our Year 3 Autumn Term RE. 

Some of the pupils at Red Roses and computing staff worked together to create a presentation of our visit, do have a look. You will see where we went to visit too, which you can find out more about by following these links. Click here for the places which we visited, click here for the wedding. Both pages can be used as teaching resources.