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Joseph 2022

28th, June, 30th June and 4th July .

School Hall. 

After a long break in live theatre in school we finally managed to stage a live production of Joseph over 4 performances. The story of the favoured son, unpopular brother, dreamer and leader. Well done to everyone who performed and thank you to our technical and stage crews. 

Below you will find a recorded message from members of the cast for the touring production of Joseph and a film of our edited highlights.  Do have a read of our Five Star Reviews too. 

Show photos below taken at our first afternoon performance by Esme Anstice. 

Photos below by Ceri Eagling. 

Some Twitter and emailed reviews.


You have given our kids the best of memories. The production of Joseph was phenomenal and all the kids were just fabulous. Well done Mr D-R, Mrs A, all the staff and thank you for this wonderful experience. JD.

Frodsham Manor House back with a bang with the summer production! Made me quite mosh after two years! What a school full of talent! Well done to all the children and thank you to all the staff for your hard work pulling it all together. SB.

You asked us to send in a review but I'm not sure where to start! It was just amazing! Thank you! CD.

Still buzzing from watching Joseph, wow, what a production. Such a talented, enthusiastic cast and massive thanks as always to the staff. CC.

What a performance Frodsham Manor House, we loved it, so much talent, thank you. NB.

Wow what an amazing performance put on by all the children and staff. Super proud of our shy boy. Thank you for giving him the confidence to do this. He has enjoyed it. CW-B.

Absolutely brilliant summer production tonight. The kids were amazing and the amount of work from the staff that has clearly gone into it is above and beyond. Well done to all involved! JW.

Absolutely glorious night's entertainment from a top rate production of Joseph. Congratulations to all involved and to see such enthusiasm and joy from the stage was wonderful. SB.

We absolutely loved our first experience of a Manor House Production! Exceptional talent! It's clear to see all the hard work which went into the show. Thank you to all the children and behind the scenes help. CE

Absolutely blown away by the talent and confidence and enthusiasm and sheer joy of this evening's performance of Joseph! Amazing kids and amazing staff. Congratulations everyone. HW.

We loved this afternoon's performance of Joseph. Well done everyone involved. Fantastic singing, acting, stage and tech team too. (Applause). HT

As ever the summer production was amazing. Very uplifting and the children looked like they throughly enjoyed taking part. Thank you for all the hard work. XO'D. 

So refreshing to see that along with daily achievements related to the National Curriculum you are able to show how important the arts are in attaining all-round success. 'Joseph must have uplifted the school's spirits as it did ours. Superb both artistically and technically.  The school musical production was wonderful not just for the quality of the singing and acting but for the children's ability to handle technical details such as use of microphones thus enabling more subtle vocals. The stage makeup was brilliant. I yearned for a return to being a brunette. The children's performances were so animated. Great direction! My younger son is Technical Manager for Action Transport Theatre. He would have been impressed with this set up in a primary school. GB.

Thank you all for inviting me into your school and allowing me to play a small part in your production. The result of all your hard work was truly amazing and up there with the best. I hope that you will take the memories of this production with you as something that you can really be proud of. To those of you who are now looking forward to your next stage in education at senior school, I wish you well and hope that this production as a member of a bigger team now goes forward with you and encourages you to fulfil your potential. Can I again thank you all. I. 

Brilliant school production of Joseph!  What superb singers and actors Joseph, Pharaoh, Levi, the Narrators and the Y5 soloist. Wow!  Really impressive. All the children were great of course. I thought N was amazing too running backwards and forwards organising everyone. It was absolutely superb and well deserved that standing ovation. S-JH. 
That was amazing. Well done to all involved. RE.

... on a wider level, to see the inclusion involved in the show and the commitment to music, expression and creativity really was something very special. I know that these things have a team-behind-the-team and I certainly spotted all the staff with various roles at doors, dancing at the back, sorting out in classrooms and so on.  So please pass on our thanks to them as well. I hope the buzz sees you all through the final weeks of term on a will for me! JD.

What a professional show! it was such a treat to watch Joseph last night at Frodsham Manor House. The cast and production team were slick and engaging. We can't wait to welcome you all top HHS! TC

The main cast were superb! A little gold star in the front row was such an engaging singer.  The lovely voice of the soloist in the white Dress spotty dress. ‘Ben’ and ‘Is’ were such a good actors The very deep roar from Potifar made us laugh a lot! The amazing set design and back stage crew, the bars of the prison, a moving camel AND a gold chariot! The little dancer with the white ruffles on her shoulders was excellent. The joy of the singer in the peach T-shirt was fabulous. The way they all handled singing with the microphones like real singers!!! The Baker's solo was amazing! The costumes were fab! The boy with the head band, tie die t-shirt and round glasses and the ban the bomb medallion was ace and so LOUD at singing too!  Elvis pharaoh!!! Superb solo! Best trousers ever!  The girl with the Galaxy Allstars top was brilliant! Her characterisation was ace! Your movement on and off stage was so professional! ‘Sim’ was such a good confident singer and projected his voice. The pain on his face as Ben was arrested was so engaging. Reuben’s coconut bikini top was so funny!!! WOW!!! The coloured coat!!  What a show, well done to everyone! DT and TC (Performing Arts Dept at Helsby High.)