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Mrs Anstice is the curriculum leader for PSHE.

There are many opportunities for PSHE through class circle times, in how we deal with issues, through work with charities, sessions in the Life Education Caravan,  One World Week, community engagement, Anti Bullying, Rainbow Flag, International Projects, Money, E-Safety, sessions with our PCSO,  World of Work,  Science, RE,  Global Learning, lessons in Social and Emotional Aspects of Education with our Teaching Assistants.  We also follow a whole school mental health program called My Happy Mind.

PSHE includes Citizenship, Drugs Education, Health Education, Sex and Relationship Education alongside emotional health and wellbeing. This also includes our Rainbow Flag work. 

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Examples of key questions which we ask are below.

Year 1 (Potter Class)

How can I keep clean? How can I explain my own opinions and listen to others?

How does my behaviour impact on myself and others?

Can I name my body parts? How can I be a better friend?

Year 2 (Carroll Class)

How to stay safe with medicines in the home?  Which choices are mine to make?

How can I be a healthy eater?

How can I support others talking about happy and sad times?  What is love?

Year 3 (Dahl Class)

What are my personal goals and how can I overcome challenges?

What is the difference between a right and a need for children around the world?

How does crime impact on people?

Year 4  (Lewis Class)

How does a baby develop and grow?

How can I be safe when outside with friends?

What are bacteria and viruses?

Year 5 (Shakespeare Class)

What does it mean to take a risk and peer pressure?

What is stress and how can I relax?

What does puberty mean for me?

Year 6 (Tolkien Class)

What happens in a democratic society?

How can I develop my first aid and personal safety skills?

How can I be a better critical thinker when considering items in the media?


If you would like to talk about our Rainbow Flag work, feel free to contact Mrs Kelly or Mrs Anstice who will be able to inform or support.