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Virtual Festival of Musicals 2021

Thursday 15th July 2021

Festival of Musicals Programme

Welcome to Frodsham Manor House's Festival of Musicals 2021. So pour yourself that glass of wine, get the milkshakes shaken and warm up  your vocal cords ready to sing along. 

1) Our opening number if "The Greatest Show" with all Key Stage Two classes participating with soloists from Year 6. "This is the moment we have been waiting for!"

2) Staying with the film "The Greatest Showman" our next piece if "This is me" performed by Year 6.

3) Let's head to Dahl class who will perform two pieces from the classical musical "Calamity Jane". The first of which is a group of volunteers performing "The Deadwood Stage" which has been directed by Mr Devereux-Roberts. 

4) Next we have two young ladies performing a piece that Doris Day sang called "Windy City". They have been rehearsing with Mrs Ball. 

5) Over to Shakespeare Class (Year 5) who are performing an Elton John song from Billy Elliot. This is "Electricity". 

6) "We decided, a fact we take pride in, to become the best at being bad!" Enjoy watching Year 4 performing this memorable song and dance routine from Bugsy Malone.

7) Year 5 have been learning brass, woodwind or percussion instruments during lessons which we call "Wider Opps". Here is there mini concert to show how they have progressed over the year. 

8) Sing along time to Year 3 performing "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". 

9) Lots of great songs to pick from in Chitty. This one is performed by a group of volunteers from Year 3. Introducing "Truly Scrumptious". Thanks to Mrs Ball who helped with this one.

10) A group of boys wanted to have fun with this song which Monty Python fans may remember. Over to Year 5 who have been looking on "The Bright Side of Life" with Mr Devereux-Roberts.

11) Time for some pieces from the Disney version of "Beauty and the Beast". Year 4 have been working on two pieces for you. The first of which is called "

12) Part two is the classic scene where Belle meets all the characters in the castle with the song "Be our Guest" so "pull up a chair as the dining room proudly present.... your dinner!"

13) Off to a lovely Greek island now for the musical Mama Mia. This small ensemble piece is by members of Year 5 who have been rehearsing with Mrs Ball. Relax and imagine the summer sun and gentle waves to "I have a dream". 

14) Staying with Mama Mia, who is old enough to remember this piece from their school discos? Do sing and dance along to "Dancing Queen" with Year 5.

15) Dahl Class have one more for you. We all love The Lion King so this is "Hakuna Matata" with hopefully "No worries" for our summer holidays.

16) Year 6 have been learning three pieces from the musical Grease. The first piece we have done is a dance which we learnt with our lessons with Rachel. Time to learn The Hand Jive. 

17) Our second from this musical is "The Grease Megamix". Thanks for Rachel from PDS for helping with this one. We learnt all the dances and filmed it within one day. 

18) Almost time to say goodbye to our Year 6 class so we thought "We Go Together" would be an appropriate one to be our penultimate performance tonight. 

19) Finally we wanted to reflect over the year that we have experienced and thank those who have helped us on our way. In memory of Captain Tom we have learnt British Sign Language for "You'll Never Walk Alone". From the musical "Carousel". All KS2 classes taking part. 

"That's all folks!" Hopefully our summer production of 2022 will be back to having all of Key Stage Two in the hall singing and dancing. We have missed our talented pupils performing together. 


Thanks to some of our audiences at home for tweeting your photos. 


Twitter and Facebook Reviews.

"Thanks for arranging such a lovely show all of the classes performed well. S especially loved Dahl class' performances. You'll never walk alone got me too." Nikki

"Congratulations FMH and Mrs A - it was fabulous." Jen

"Fabulous summer concert, just what we all needed to make us smile. Thankyou to everyone involved, you always go above and beyond." Cath

"We have really enjoyed the summer production tonight. Well done o everyone involved. Thank you Mrs Anstice." Lynne

"Thank you Mrs Spielberg / Anstice for your fabulous directing / editing. A star studded performance as ever. Back to live performances next year." Sarah

"This is fabulous. Well done to you all." Zoe

"We really enjoyed it! So many talented performers and very cleverly produced too. Thanks for sharing it with us." Kimberley

"Brilliant editing and a great idea to watch it all together online. Loved it." Helen

"Thank you for an amazing show tonight. We have had a lovely time watching it." Nic

"Fabulous performances KS2. Loved watchig. Thank you." Nina

"We are loving the summer production. Some very talented children and incredibly dedicated and amazing teachers."  Hannah

"How good are these guys in their school show. Love that we get to join in the fun from afar. Well done all." Claire

"Thoroughly enjoying these performances so far. Thank you so much for all the effort and thoughtfulness of putting this together." 

"So much talent!" Valarie

"Amazing, Manor House you are outstanding!" Julie

"I am beyond proud of A and all the KS2 children. A lovely uplifting evening with a few tears shed." Sian

"Wow! Well done everyone involved, lots of hard work." Sarah