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You can now download trial free ebooks to your tablet or smart-phone. Simply type in 'ebook' in the search box at the top of the app on your device (see below for apps). You can also search for real books in the library and websites you can link straight to by typing in any search word. If your parents or teachers wish to place any stories you have written yourself into the library for others to read please give them to the librarian.

Go to our Library by clicking on the following link:

Once on to the site you can browse and search the library catalogue to see what books are available and link directly to the hundreds of approved web-sites listed alongside the books. Free eBooks are being added as well as these are located and approved.

To use additional facilities you need to log on:
To do this enter your library user number as both your user name and password. It is on a sticker inside your home-school jouirnal, or get it from the list in the library next to the computer. Once you have done that you can look at 'My Books' under 'My Account' to see what books you have out, you can check out 'My Stuff', see what are the most popular books and get suggestions as to what you might like to read next, see any new books added to the library and get updates on the news. You can write reviews of the books you have read for your friends to see as well.

Staff can also access the 'readit' learning resources with their own librarian password.

To actually get the books you have to come to the library! Do this either at the set times during your school week, or any day if you know how to scan books out and in yourself (ask a year 6 librarian for help if you need it) or when it's always open on Thursday afternoon between 3:15 and 4:30. Bring the grownups as well there's loads of stuff for fun and help for homework and school projects. Allways remember to scan the books out using your number. Finally, please don't forget to bring the books back when you have finished with them and again scan them in so they get removed from your record. Overdue books: see note at bottom of page.

To connect to the library  using your tablet or smartphone use the downloadable app called ‘iMLS’, available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android & Windows Phone 7. This App can be freely downloaded from the App Store (Apple), Google Play or Marketplace. Click one of the following links to get these apps


Smart Phone and Tablet Links




Dont Panic! The last thing we want to do is put you off using the library. If you are in the list below or receive a request for an overdue book please have a look for it at home. Ask your parents to help you. If it can't be found OR you are fairly sure you have bought it back to school ask a parent to let us know with a note to the school office. We can then take the book off your record and you can then take more books out. We know that sometimes books might mistakenly have been put straight back on shelves or returned to the classroom before being scanned back in. As long as you let us know we can sort it out.  There are no 'fines' or anything like that. We do our very best to log every response and deal with it. Latest overdue list reproduced below is from 10 July 2014 with 161 books overdue ranging from a month to over 3 years!. Year 6: please make an extra effort to return oustanding books before you leave for secondary school.